CFL 2.0

Let’s make this league global’: Randy Ambrosie shares CFL’s plan to make a mark all over the world

In a recent one-on-one interview with Postmedia, Ambrosie unveiled plans for what he calls CFL 2.0, a newly imagined global version of the Canadian game.
The plans, which will be discussed at length at the CFL board of governors meetings on Sept. 14, include creating partnerships with gridiron football leagues in 30 countries around the world

Thanks Mark where he says the Canadians have no where to go ; It’s been mentioned increase many times the junior system for age increase and have a secondary development league that goes past University .

Before going global let’s make a shorter leap and give junior football a few more players by having the CFL give an active investment with at least two teams for each CFL team each in support and assistance in finding funding . They then own the rights like the old days of the NHL . Might find more Andrew Harris 's out there who are stars in this league plus establish a few more fans for both the CFL and JR team thru local area attachment .

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How old does Jr. go to? To me Randy is talking about opportunities for those who have aged out to keep playing if they can’t make a CFL roster right away.

I’d like to see the league partner with the other domestic leagues around the globe too. The infrastructure is already in place, I would think they would have ratios to abide by too so if Canadians are considered Internationals there. It’s room to groom them.

Plus with the AAF and possibly the XFL starting, there will be more competition for American players so nothing wrong if this venture can help develop international talent to play here too.

Me, thinks Randy is channeling Larry Smith a little too much.

Age 22 . Way to early cutoff for our guys .

As I said before raise the age and you already have the infrastructure right here just get the CFL off it’s butt and exploit this with a real connection to developing Canadian content .

If Harris and others have come thru this system maybe more to mine if it’s done better .

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I’ve said for a long time that the European model would work, have a B division for communities who can put 5000 people in the stands and eliminate the practice roster.

$1000.00 bucks a week
Hold practices in the evening
Games on Friday nights and weekends
Not a ratio but allow for X amount of Americans but not more than one per position.
No age limit. If a guy who played pro for a few years then got written off because of an injury, who cares?

Allow these teams to put on the best show possible. If a player is owned by a CFL or any pro team, they pay the $1000.00 a week to the guy. If a pro league grabs the player during the Season they pay the Team 1000.00 x how many games remain in the season.

If a CFL teams want to own one of those teams, no problem
If Gene Simmons or some other wealthy guy wants to put a team in Saskatoon, no problem.

Senior amateur leagues already exist. In Ontario, its called the Northern Football Conference. There are similar leagues out west as well. The leagues even compete for a national championship (I believe at one time sponsored by the Shriners, so a Shrine Bowl) If I recall correctly, there has been some player crossover with the CFL.

The CFL could and should work with those leagues and teams.

The only senior men’s league in Western Canada is the AFL (Alberta Football league). As with the Northern Football Conference, it only plays in the summer with the playoffs in early Sept. Only play something like 8 games in a season. Can’t really see a lot of development happening with these leagues. The CFL would be better off starting up a semi-pro development league of there own, with teams in smaller cities.
I don’t see how the idea that the Commish mentioned about partnering with leagues around the globe will help develop the Canadian game and Canadian players as all international gridiron football leagues play American ball. If the Commish wants to send players out to play US football internationally, why not just beg the NFL to start up NFL Europe again? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Precisely! I immediately thought of the Northern Football Conference as well. It’s been in operation for decades.


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Exactly! Why this pairing up with leagues around the globe playing the American game? That’s like tacitly accepting being a minor league to the NFL.

What the Canadian Football League is supposed to be is the major league for Canadian football, which is a different game than the one played in the States. Canadian football is every bit as different from Americam football as Australian Rules Football is from rugby and as softball/fastball is from baseball.

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Considering there are no other pro leagues that play the Canadian game and our international players have already played the Americangame in the past, I don’t see an issue with players getting experience playing abroad and being more game ready should an opportunity to play back here.

Makes allot more sense than the league starting it’s own development league, at least in the short term. Even the NFL bailed on NFL Europa.

It was encouraging to see the mention of possibly hosting games on neutral sites as the CFL has long been behind the curve with this. The NFL and even NCAA football has staged games internationally, and the CFL should have followed suit long ago.

Our game is a lot more like rugby than the American version is so in theory at least, it should be an easier sell.

Yes - A closer working relationship with those leagues (similar to how TFC works with teams in Windsor, London and the Academy). Sponsorship and providing an avenue for players to move in.

I knew it! The American cultural imperialists have poisoned world opinion against our game and Canadians in general. The entire globe is nowhatefully prejudiced against Canada and Canadians! Theyinsist they’re against global warming but they can’t tolerate ourbitter biting cold,snow and polar bears. Bastiches! I’m going to put in a complaint with the U.N. Human Rights Commission. I won’t rest until 3.5 downfootball is played by an average of 11.5 players on 105 yard fields across a representative cross sample of the world.


Just my personal view, the Pre-season should be 3 games, one should be in a neutral site earmarked for expansion. Don’t worry about needing large stadia, just use what’s there and make it a fan fest, and have both Teams accessible to the fans.

ie: 1 year
BC & Cal play in Victoria
Edm & Wpg play in Kelowna
Mtl & Tor play in Quebec City (with proper advertising lead up not like last time)
Ott & Ham play in London
Hal & Sask play in Moncton (once Hal is in)

ie: 2 year
BC & Edm play in Kelowna
Sask & Wpg play in Sakatoon
Mtl & Ott play in Quebec City
Tor & Ham play in London
Hal & Cal play in Moncton

Just an idea

Jcurrie? Is that you Jason??! What’s wrong with discussing here? ???

Yes. My first thought too.


Make the CFL “Canadians” only and with the same salary situations and immediately that makes more opportunities to make money for university/college grads who can’t make the NFL and the big money. That is an incentive I’d say to encourage more Canadian development. Money.

Ok, we love our Americans here but it does take away from Canadian jobs in the CFL. Mind you with the popularity of the Blue Jays and so few Canadians ever having played on that team, does this even matter?

Let the best players play. regardless of their nationality.

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