CFL 2.0 announcement w/ plans being announced

CFL 2.0 and the visionary plan will be directed tot he BOG and as follows will begin a process in developing the CFL worldwide with multiple platforms.

I have been informed of a special announcement around Grey Cup regarding a scheduled exhibition game in Mexico.

The game is popular. The CFL is known but only to Football fans. If the CFL is going to expand its game globally its reasoning is for popularity and more revenue. Expansion will never be nor should it be on the agenda.

But the game itself along with the CFL is long overdue for the exposure the CFL is setting itself up for.

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Prove me wrong. . . WHO was it that informed you?

You won't answer, I am sure.

Thanks for proving me correct.

He got it from Naylor. I just read this on the TSN website.

Good article .

At least Ambrosie has a plan and is not just spinning his wheels .

It does have potential .

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Actually what he/she said was true. Don’t kill the messenger, yet.

Unlike the previous, our commish is definitely a visionary.
I have been saying for years efforts should be made to play at least some Xibition games outside the country.
It’s easy to find sponsors to assist in the financial portion.
The league size wise and mentality must grow in order to survive.

Maybe the commish should worry about how to grow it up there…

The actual article from TSN…

Naylor’s Kickoff: Ambrosie thinking global with ‘CFL 2.0’

There could also be CFL preseason games played beyond Canadian borders, an idea already under considered for next spring in Mexico.

If you look into what the commish is doing, that’s exactly what he’s trying to do with this. The three biggest cities with huge immigrant populations struggle at the gate, he wants people that come from other parts of the world to be CFL fans.

Great move on part of the commish if this can move ahead.

So you like this?

One that could include such things as CFL teams incorporating “global? players on to their rosters from places like Japan, Germany or Mexico,

It’s an image makeover especially in the big three cities which needed to be done
yesterday .

It needs a higher level feel to the general population and this would hopefully push
that along .

I don’t see how having a player from Japan, Germany or Mexico will help BC–okay, maybe Japan–how does that work out for the Mariners?

Does Ambrosie’s CFL 2.0 include a new owner for BC?

Who knows come to think of it but always worth exploring ideas at any rate.

I think he (Ambrosie) is expecting a little too much, too fast, but at least he is trying. As much as we all like to be armchair commissioners, it’s probably hard to get things done in this league.

Who are the Mariners?
Seattle Mariners of Major League Baseball?

Mattsdad. . . JT Football. . .

I get the distinct impession that Ambrosie and the CFL aren’t standing still counting their pocket change. I’m also pretty sure they can all walk and chew gum at the same time.