CFL-12 and CFL-11

What would be wrong if the CFL adopted/offered two categories of football -- CFL11 and CFL12. The website would link to two separate sub-websites

  1. The usual 12 man CFL ball as we know it.

  2. NCAA type of ball with 11 men

Hate to see the BMO Field in Toronto not be used for helmet/shoulderpads football since it's too small for the CFL 12 man game.

What would be wrong if there were six teams in the CFL 12 man league, and six teams in the CFL 11-man game? Big cities like Toronto and Vancouver could have two separate teams each with the same nicknames/colors but with different players and coaches. When the 12 man team was on the road, the 11 man team would be hosting a game. That way there would be no competition for fans.

Just curious what the overall thoughts were for the folks in Canada. Is the Simon Frazer (spelling) move to American NAIA college ball an isolated incident or an evolving trend that is expected to sweep all of Canada?

Hey, why not just make everything 11-man ball? We don't really want that extra guy on the field anyway (Riders would have a tough time adjusting, but that's another topic...) While we're at it, we could shorten the field, and narrow it...don't want to make it look too out of proportion, after all. Move the uprights, play with an extra down, modify the play clock...need I go on?

I like both.

I'm partial to the 12 man game with the rouge and the strategy to deliberately concede a safety, and the 3 downs, but...seeing the 11 man game is cool too.

Why not the same time?

There's softball and baseball in the summer months. They both coexist.

On the 11 o'clock news, the sports reporter would say "Our BC 12s nipped the Hamilton 12s, by a score 37-17. In other action, the BC Lion 11s knocked off the Toronto Argo 11s by a score of 28-26."

It even has a nice ring to it on the news.

I wonder if the CIS ever left the decision to field both 12s and 11s at the college level to its school presidents?

where the hell do you come up with these whacko insane ideas?

what is with you and 11 man football?

can’t you just love our game the way it is and stop trying to change things?

Newsflash...we do have both at the same time. CFL and NFL.

Seriously...quit trying to change the game. If you like 11-man ball, watch the NFL.

The Wright Brothers heard the same kind of criticism. "We are bound to this earth! You are making a fool of your family's name!"

I like both. I like 12 man a little more. You got a great BMO Field that will sit vacant...and apparently a lousy Rogers Centre for the Argo fans.

I think the only thing I proposed was uniform changes to pep things up, and recommended a better division setup, and a halt to expansion. I left the game of play alone, right?

Not enought people in Toronto love the game...unless my guess the view of the action is the cause for poor attendance in Toronto.

...hahaha :lol: :lol: , get outta here man, making me laugh, :lol: :lol: :lol: , ...but seriously, get out of here...really...

You have to road trip across the border to see 11 man or stay home and watch it on TV. There's nothing better than sitting in the elements watching a 12 or 11 man game in a downpour or blizzard or mud bowl. Canadians don't have that option of seeing it in person unless they're near the border to cross, or go to Simon Frasier for a game.

Yes? No?

I travel four hours to see a 12-man game, too, and if it's a blizzard, I'm not going to see anything live.

Here's a plan...why don't you go to the NFL boards for a (very long) while, and try to change their game instead?

That went over my head. :cry:

I like softball and baseball.

I like 12s and 11s.

It's refreshing to see

I wish there were an expansion team here in the CFL. It would be cool to see all three -- Arena, CFL, and NFL.

would you like to buy some clues from me? Life is much better when you have a clue.

how about we just like our league the way it is? to hell with the NFL.


Maybe we should have a 6-skater NHL and a 10 man MLB to compliment the current ones... :roll: Also, whatever what is that you are smoking, it must be pretty good, so send me some!

Dude do you honestly stay up at night trying to find absurd topics to post on. Everyones entitled to their opinion, but most of your posts are just so wacky. Let's have a 11 man CFL league, who plays the grey cup in Honolulu every November lol...

Another great idea. We should also have a league of shaved rabbits that play their season from Christmas Day till Easter. When is Easter again?

Of course, the fact that the rabbits are shaved is a little redundant given that they will be wearing pads and cute little uniforms. (Hamiltons uniform should be pink and black with a parrot on the front. The Hamilton Parrots will be our name) but I think it will make them faster.

Seriously, how high do you get before you post? This is too ridiculous to give a serious reply to. You're out of your mind. Stop, please, just stop.

Tony Mandarich must be bored... :roll:

I'm pretty sure the world is now a slightly dumber place as a result of this thread.

Yeah...completely disinterested in going to an 11 team game and a smaller field.