CFL 1, Melnyk 0

Yes ...

umm.... yes

I'm guessing you can't?

Look - soccer has had a long history in this country. We could be great at it if we actually put some focus into it. Over the years we have generated some great players.
The MLS is so minor league - this makes me laugh when I hear it from a fellow CFL fan. I've said it many times and I'll sa it again. The MLS and CFL have a lot more in common than people here would like to think.

True about the commonalities, to an extent. The CFL is an entirely different kettle of fish though being a league that basically operates out of one country and has for most of it's history except for the experiement in the 90's. It is more or less predicated on Canadian television for television monies. A bit in the US. Also has huge history and tradition and plays for a trophy that dates back to 1909. And mandates Canadian citizens, about half the team, that must be part of the roster.

But the MLS is more an American league that is looking for/needs an American deal to live up to what it hopes to be. So far, no go on that one.