CFL 08 - Good Luck

Glad to be back for 2008 and wanted to wish all the teams and their fans a GOOD LUCK and happy cheering or booing for this season.

Let's play some CFL football. It's about time!

As fans - let's make it our personal mission to cheer louder and make the atmosphere at games more electric than ever!

the only thing i dont like about the start of a new season:

all the complaining thats about to begin about the officiating.

Drummer, you know that will NEVER happen! :lol:

If the refs agree to stop screwing up, I'll agree to stop complaining. :wink:

Good luck to all 8 teams this year and especially to a certain 9th team, which I hope to hear nothing but good news involving a stadium.

Maybe if the CFLPA stopped interfering with teams and allowed them to open camps sooner and allowed teams to practice more then four hours a day...... then more American players would know the rules, and players in general (especially new players) would stop taking aso many stupid penalities. THIS IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE THE CFL HAS TO OVERCOME!!!!!!!!!!


Good luck to all teams this season!

I am sooooooooo pumped for football! Can't start soon enough!

Go Bombers!!

No doubt...

But good luck to all the other teams. I doubt you guys will need it as much as my team, but good luck all the same. :lol: