Cfl 07?

Should there be a CFL 07 Game by ea sports?

Yes!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for a CFL videogame for many many years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes iw ould love for a cfl video game to come out it would be a best football franchine video game seller

We need a CFL Video game

I'd buy a Cfl game.

... as long as EA actually puts some effort into it and makes it as good as their other games even though the game will only appeal to a small market

it wouldnt sell, plain and simple. Even if the gaming expierance was better than Madden 06, not enough intrest(even in canada). IMO canada as whole is not much of a football country. Dont get me wrong I would buy it as soon it hit the shelves if it came out.

it would sell, the market is just too small

Yes i am tired of having to suffer with NFL, NCAA(fun but SLOW :x ) and now an AFL game i never even heard of the AFL before it was realised. It is time forEA Sports to realise a real football game and show the American's what they are missing :smiley: :smiley:

Hey guys, I had a chat with... well I'll just say he's been around the CFL's BOD and I asked him if there will ever be a CFL Videogame. He told me they've had talks with EA in the past but they want a Unit Guarantee which basically means the CFL has to take the financial risk without EA having any. Kinda sucks.

At least I got Vaughn and Flick to check out my rosters and they had some great words about them. (Although Vaugn thought he should be a 99 Break Tackle!! LOL)