CFHoF Statue moving to THF

Iconic Hamilton sculpture headed for Tim Hortons Field

[b]"It's proven to be one of the most photographed and enduring pieces of Hamiltonia for close to half a century.

It's "Touchdown," the three-metre stainless steel iconic sculpture of two football players produced by Hamilton steelworker and artist Tony Gsellmann. It was unveiled Nov. 28, 1972 by then mayor Vic Copps as part of the opening of the $850,000 Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum.

The statue, which currently sits off Jackson Street West, shows a receiver making a leaping catch while a defender makes a simultaneously hit.

"It's become something of a symbol of Hamilton," former hall managing director Bill McBride said in 1980.

When the museum relocates to a new site at Tim Horton Field — along with 283 hall of fame busts — before the start of the 2016 Hamilton Tiger-Cat season, the 43-year-old sculpture will be going with it to a new location, likely at the north end of the stadium. In Hamilton, Touchdowns can be scored. And saved, so it seems."[/b]

Mark DeNobile
"If I charged admission to everyone who took a photo of the statue I would be in better condition now. When they are going to court, when they are going out at night you see people taking their picture with it. Students jump on it for Mac graduation. Or two people will jump on it and replicate the pose. It's amazing.

Great story and Lots more here

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I'm good with the idea of moving this amazing sculptor along with the Hall of Fame into Tim Horton Field.

Both have become an intricate part of Hamilton's football legacy. Their current location outside our city hall has
never been well attended and likely an unnecessary expense. It's new location will be well attended by football fans.

The essence of CFL existence can be found in the H of F. Don't miss it!

I remember taking pictures of this statue, same angles also and this will always remind me of my hometown. A very welcome addition to THF. I'm sure it will be photographed endless amount of times. Great move!

Cattman---- are you still on this board under another name? I know that you worked at the hall.

I dont understand placing the statue at the north end of THF. The north end is basically on a quite residential street, so it will be placed out of site out of mind like its location by city hall.

The statue should be placed in the plaza at the south end at a locatiin the is highly visible to traffic on Cannon St so that when people see it, especially out of towners, they will wonder what its about and will want to stop and have a look.

I think the city/Ticats are also making a mistake putting the CFHoF display at the north end for the same reason.

I know the money is not there, but it would be nice to have built a hall accross the street at Scott park and leave the rest as parking for the stadium and tailgating as it has in the past.

I would be okay with the Hall being built across Cannon Street in Scott Park but I'm wondering if the city is looking to keep the south end of the stadium property available for temporary seating in the event of Hamilton getting a Grey Cup game.

It's a good statue, I will both lament and celebrate the day when we install a Caretaker shaped pigeon attractor off of Canon St.

Wondering home many peeps actually visit the hall of fame. I suspect attendance is low. The statue is nice but not likely to be photographed as much after the move.

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Moving day packing away Earl Grey's bust @CFL HOF #HamOnt #CFL


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Moving day packing away Leroy Proute's bust @CFL HOF #HamOnt #CFL

I was walking past the Hall of Fame last night and thought I should get a shot of the statue before it moves. It is a cool looking statue.

I have 2 questions about the new location if anyone knows the answer.....

Is the HOF only going to be viewable on game days?

And if an entrance fee remains do the Ti-Cats get a profit from it?

Forget the old creepy head statues.. They need to start looking into this technology

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Lots of stuff will be sold from CFHoF at the end of the month

[i]"Even though the Canadian Football Hall of Fame is already on the move, there’s another for sale sign at the downtown Hamilton building.

The Hall of Fame will be moving from its Jackson Street West location to Tim Hortons Field this summer.

But on January 31, officials will hold a sale to clear out all the items that will not be featured at the stadium.

The sale will run from 10am to 4pm and will include programs, tickets and jerseys as well as lockers, pictures and office furniture.

Hall of Fame executive director Mark DiNobile says anything left over from the one day sale will be put in the trash.

The Hall of Fame will continue to keep some artifacts in storage in the basement of its current building beside city hall[/i]

Every stadium should have section of HoF stuff that relates to their team. It would be more appreciated that way.
I'm sure IGF could use a section of all Bomber HoF artifacts to celebrate their rich history.

Really? what a waste of CFL history

Get your piece of the CFL hall Sunday

Hamilton Spectator
By Steve Milton

If you want a 1943 Hamilton Wildcats retro sweater signed by current Ticat Peter Dyakowski, it's among the items up for grabs at the Football Hall Football Hall of Fame sale on Sunday.

The Ticats wore retro sweaters honouring the '43 Cup Champion Flying Wildcats in a September game against the BC Lions during their "home" season in Guelph in 2013.

That retro sweater, a Mookie Mitchell Argos sweater, a Doug Brown sweater and a Rodney Harding sweater, are available at the sale, which is open to the public and runs from 10 to 4 p.m. on Sunday at the Hall's Jackson Street West location, right next to City Hall.

The Hall closed its doors to the public for good last September after years of sparse attendance and will shift operations to Tim Hortons Field, where the busts of honoured Hall members will be on display at the north end of the stadium. Other major artifacts will be loaned to other Canadian Football League stadia, and some will remain in storage.

While much of the sale comprises "fixtures" and executive director Mark DeNobile emphasizes that the Hall's artifacts are not for sale, there are still some interesting items for the football collector.

A number of Grey Cup programs are being offered including ones from 1971 (The Leon McQuay fumble), 1976 (the Tony Gabriel Catch), 1977 (The Ice Bowl or "Staples" Game). There are a number of collector pins available and Hall of Fame induction banners featuring Don Narcisse, Tracy Ham, Elfrid Payton and Ancaster's Bob Cameron.

A full list of everything for sale on Sunday is available at