CFFL...An approach for football in 2020

So here's an idea for CFL football for 2020.

The Canadian Flag Football League: Highlights

  • Each teams receive an equal share of the 150 M relief
    -That would guarantee the total of players salaries as per cap and football ops
    -Play, largely without fans in a made for TV season.
    -Play a schedule of 2games/week. culminating in a 8 team 3 day tournament in Vancouver in November
    -Games are 2 hours running time. Two time outs per team. Clock stops
    -No blocking except at the line with players having to block standing up
    -Linemen are eligible
    It would be a league almost free of injury eliminating the need for costly paid injury lists. Teams can play 2x week.

I love the CFL. I don't want the government spending $150 million on some weird, half-assed version of football. Just cancel the season, save some money, and lets hopefully get back at it next year.

My fear is that the league will fold if it goes black. What owner can absorb a 8-9 M. hit to cover payroll.?
No way can players and Football ops remain under contract without being paid.

Flag football could be a way for CFL create a new brand of football. It is played all over NA now,

I like the idea.

It would be better than no football, even though it's not "real" CFL football.

I might suggest they stick to standard rules for 7-player flag football, even though it would leave most of the linemen out of the game.

Hopefully, those players out of work will be assisted by the government, either directly or indirectly via whatever amount they end up loaning to the league. Maybe payment for this replacement league could be separate from the standard CFL contracts, with payment tied to whatever TSN would be willing to cough up for it?

What's your thinking with the 8-team tournament though? Was that just a typo and you meant 9 or would you propose eliminating the one worst team from contention?

BTW, I'd really like to see flag football spread at the CCAA and even USports level. This could be a way of getting more exposure for the sport, which wouldn't hurt. team is eliminated making it 8 not 9. Hard to run a 9 team tournament.
I too think there could be a strong appetite for Flag Football.

True, but it would just seem so pitiful for that one team that has to sit.

Maybe something like this could work:


Ya that would work. Leaving one team out is pitiful.

CFL Could ultimately own the greatest Flag football league in the world.

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Would kind of solve problem of how to initiate playing games in an empty stadium wouldn't it? Just thinking out loud. :smirk:

If CFL cannot reach a deal with CFLPA on not paying salary for games not played the teams can just cut everyone and only be out the amounts paid out in guaranteed bonuses ... cut losses significantly ...

could you walk this though a bit?

If they cut the players would they keep some football ops guys? Some Coaches? And start roster building all over again whenever the stadiums to open? Be comfortable with a 5m loss.

flag football?

I guess if we want our sport to be even a bigger joke than it is ... then sure.

Can we have the players wear frilly pink dresses as well?

nothing wrong with flag football. I have watched many entertaining games played by average folk. Even better to watch when played by the best.

well, might as well.

our league already deals with a perception of being a joke.

This would go a long way in solidifying that.

I am not advocating that they do it ... but just saying that if push comes to shove and no deal can be reached with the CFLPA then an option to reduce losses is to release everyone ... it is a "nuclear option" but it is also the leverage the CFL has in talks with the CFLPA ... it would be the most exciting offseason in CFL history as teams rebuild ... might change the way teams spend money (e.g., Mike Reilly might not get quite so generous a contract) ... I expect something will get worked out ...

GMs and HCs may be a different story as firing them may not save money ... expect teams would "operate" with minimum staff ... possibly under the existing programs to maintain employment.

I think people would see flag football for what it would be intended to be: a temporary but fun distraction to tide fans over during a global pandemic.

All kidding aside can you imagine how good a CFL flag game would be. Padless. Up close?

Once restrictions are lifted to allow 5,000 somebody should try this at a nice grass park. Food trucks. Cold beer. Be a fun day.

CFLPA maybe could take this on.

The CFL use to play the NFL in a flag all star game years ago .

I believe it was sponsored by athletes in action .

Someone may have a tape of it somewhere .