Ces agents libre qui auraient dû être déjà embauchés

La saison des agents libres comporte toujours son lot de surprises et de mystères.

À ce moment-ci, il y a certains joueurs qui à mon sens auraient dû soit être ré-engagés par leur équipe, soit avoir trouvé preneur, alors que ni l'un ni l'autre ne soit encore arrivé.

Un petite liste pour commencer la discussion.

Evan McCollough
Bakari Grant
Nic Grigsby
Aaron Kelly
Glen January
Johnny Sears
Rennie Curran
Kevin Glenn

I wouldnt mind seeing Bakari Grant or Aaron Kelly in our receiver mix, but if they havent as yet signed with anyone it is probably because of their high demands.

I wanted the Als to bring in QB Dan LeFevour, though I doubt now that it will happen. Last I heard was that Sask. was negotiating with both LeFevour and Kevin Glenn.

Glenn would prefer to play in the east but money will win out in the end and he will sign in Sask.

At this point, free agents are gravy. We're re-signed all the keys guys and added Giguere and Stamps to the receiving corps. Our O-line depth is the strongest in the league IMO. We have a cadre of running backs to compete for the starter's job and for once, our coaching staff hasn't been decimated in the offseason -- apart from Garcia and Quick leaving and Calvillo and Tormey arriving, it's the same group. Our OC had last year to familiarize himself both with the Canadian game and our team's strengths in particular, and they're already working on the playbook, which puts us way ahead of last year. So IF we add a free agent, it should be someone who fits a need at an affordable price. We've never built our team in free agency anyway.

Il demeure que, qu'il s'agisse des Alouettes ou des autres équipes, il est surprenant de voir que ces joueurs sont toujours en discussion pour se trouver une niche.

Oui, il est possible que certains aient des demandes élevées que les équipes hésitent à verser, mais avec le temps qui avance, ça laisse penser que plusieurs d'entre-eux sont soit perçus comme n'ayant pas le potentiel d'améliorer une équipe, soit qu'ils sont trop gourmands pour ce qu'ils peuvent réellement apporter. Et peut-être les deux.

Celui qui me surprend le plus demeure Grigsby. Il a littéralement changé l'attaque des Timinous, et pourtant, il est toujours sur le marché. Peut-être qu'il teste des possibilités au sud de la frontière?

Grigsby was brought in only as an injury replacement for C.J.Gable who is highly regarded by Austin. He also had issues with the Bombers so I`m not sure how highly regarded he is around the league.

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2014/11/27/former-bombers-rb-grigsby-may-not-have-been-great-teammate-but-hes-got-great-timing]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2014/11/27/f ... eat-timing[/url] [url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2014/10/15/nic-grigsby-was-a-problem-in-blue-bombers-locker-room-long-before-he-quit-wednesday]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2014/10/15/n ... -wednesday[/url]

Merci de me rappeler ces évènements. Je les avais oubliés.

Il demeure que je crois que l'attaque des Timinous était plus solide avec Grigsby qu'avec Gable. Ce dernier est un meilleur receveur, mais Grigsby a livré au sol ce qu'on devait attendre d'un demi offensif sur ce plan.

Ses antécédents portent donc à la prudence, et il sera meilleur s'il réalise que son indiscipline peut lui coûter un poste malgré ses performances. Également, c'est un bon argument de négociation que de le faire languir un peu.

From reading the TiCats forum, it seems Gable fits better in Austin's schemes, particularly as regards blocking even if Grimsby is the more dynamic/dangerous runner. But if he has his head on straight he could be an interesting signing or TC invite, as long as no money has to be paid up front.

I don't know that we need more international running backs TBH. Between Whitaker, Sutton, Rainey, and Rutley, we're in pretty good shape at RB.

I think with the Riders QB situation that Glenn would be the better fit. They have their established number 1 but as seen last year they went from GC contenders to the basement without any back up that could win some games. Glenn reinvented himself as that guy. He even was playing well in BC keeping them in the hunt while awaiting Lulay. Once Lulay was unable to return the Lions whole team went into the dumps.
Montreal is still in the process of finding their next starter. Glenn is better suited as a back up to a veteran on a team with a GC type roster. Spending cash on Glenn in Montreal gives them a top back up but not a QB that can win a GC. AC is now on the staff so there is no better QB mentor.
Montreal keeping there defense as among the best. Bringing in an experienced CFL coach to run the special team and nothing else, and continue to place some weapons and a strong Oline for Crompton. Looking at Lefevour, depending on his health or in the future a top back up who has gotten some good coaching with starters potential in the future. Trevor Harris or Brian Brohm

Austin has always said that Gable is the best RB for his system. A great blocker and receiver. The problem is he is not a great runner and until they obtained Grigsby and Austin had to bit his tongue they finally had a running game.

Receiver would be the one position where the Als could use some more help. Grant would be great but not likely at the price he is asking. Aaron Kelly I am not sure has fully proven to be a consistant starter.
With Green now flanked by Stamps and Giguere it helps make up for the loss of Carter, although they are both different types of receivers.
London showed some moxy by working his way back into the lineup playing special teams. Can they get a solid season out of Chad Johnson is a question mark.

Absolument! Je n'envisageais pas la question en pensant que les Alouettes devraient l'engager, mais plutôt en me demandant pourquoi il n'avait pas encore trouvé preneur.

Johnson a répondu à cette question et la réponse est non. Le garder dans l’alignement est une perte de temps.

In any case, with Giguere coming here he's not a starter anymore. The base four are Giguere, Stamps, Green, and London. If Johnson sticks around, it's as the extra man in five-receiver sets, which makes me believe he won't even make it to training camp.

Competition is never a bad thing and depth at RB can potentially open up trades if another team suffers a TC injury.

Or, the lack of interest might knock some sense into Grisby's head and improve his attitude.
Whichever decision JP makes, I'll trust; but I am enamoured of raw talent.

RB is the easiest position to fill in football. Scads of cheap, talented international running backs to be found in the college ranks. Grigsby himself was released outright last year, not traded, which tells you that the market for running backs is fairly nonexistent. Competition is great, as you noted, but not if it creates a feeling of dissatisfaction among the current stable of starters. We have four quality backs, two of whom are proven (Sutton and Whitaker), one of whom showed good things in limited usage last year (Rutley). Bringing Grigsby to camp would be a bit of a dog-and-pony show IMO.

I fear they only have three, as major injuries in three straight seasons takes its toll.
But point taken, and I will have no issue if JP passes.

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling pretty damn good about what JP has done to the roster since the end of last season. I think most of us agreed that the team needed to re-sign key pieces (Green, Brown, Cox, etc.) and shore up specific positions (national and international receiver, defensive tackle, quarterback). Fast-forward to today, and we have all our major players locked up and we have addressed our needs at all of the above positions (Giguere, Stamps, Mitchell, Skelton).

Jim is back. :thup:

I should think all of us Montreal fans feel that way, d&p; this has been a stellar offseason for Jim Popp, light years ahead of last year's performance.

I'd still like to see some more movement at QB; I am not yet sold on Crompton, Skelton I know little about, so I am still agreeable to bringing in either/or Kevin Glenn or another young college stud out of the US.

But even if we go into the season with what we now have in the QB stable, it's still been a great offseason for Popp.