Ceremonial Shield Dance

[b]This Saturday there will be a First Nations ceremonial Shield dance to open things up. Although it will be a little different than what we might expect.

The World Champion Shield Dancer will run out of the dressing room followed by the Riders. He will then face the Montreal Bench take a knee out of respect and begin his shield dance. He will be dressed in traditional First Nations clothing highlighted with Saskatchewan Roughrider Logos and colours.

The Dance was traditionally done before nomadic tribes would venture into enemy territory. It was seen as protection from harm.

The idea of having the dance to defend from another football team is truly not ceremonial or sacred in any way. However it's background message is to bring together all the peoples of Saskatchewan by showing that culture and recreation can come together just as the different cultures of our vast province do.

Silence is not required for this dance in fact, it would be preferred to cheer on the dancer. The event is sponsered by SIGA and will be unique if nothing else. I am looking forward to it. I hope you are too. [/b]

Sounds good. This game is gonna be great.

I showed up 5 seconds into the opening quarter. Did anybody happen to see if this Shild dance happened? Just curious.

He did dance, but he didn't run out with the team nor was it all that exciting or entertaining unfortunately.

The music that goes along with those dances does not appeal to me in the least, but the dance isn't bad.

Thank you for your input. I love the beating of those drums to go along with the language of another culture.

I love powwows but enough about me let's talk football.