Censorship on the 5th Quarter

There is a post-game ritual which my father and I share. We pile into the car with anything we've taken with us and we turn the tuner to AM 900, the game presentation is ending, and Rick Zamperin (at least of late) demands that we should stick around for the 5th Quarter. Since it's a long drive back into the suburbs, we always oblige.

Ted Michael's voice penetrates into my brain, with a short post-game summary which explains to me just how much we have lost by, and they move onto the calls.

Next comes the worst part -- the callers. They slur their words and repeat themselves. Sometimes they can't even complete a sentence. Ted Michaels even occasionally shoos them off in a way which helps them to maintain some of their dignity.

The opinions of these intoxicated buffoons are usually ill-informed or ill-advised and very rarely do they make any sort of coherent argument. I curse and slam the dashboard and wish that they would shut up. Of course, Ted Michaels is not much better, and is constantly making excuses for the team.

I cannot even recall how many times the sentences, "This is a very good team," and "They're about to turn it around," were used in defense of their piss-poor performances.

But I still listen.

There is something, somehow, that is very nice, very encouraging about having a forum such as the 5th quarter for self-expression that I think is in itself representative of the kind of society in which (ideally) we live. It is a supposedly free forum of ideas.

Or so we are lead to believe.

I'm listening, as usual, and I'm taking offense to most of the things being said about this football team.

But It's OK I think to myself. They're entitled to their opinion.

Rick Zamperin, who is filling in, greets the next caller. The caller starts on his criticism, which is of the organization on the whole, of Bob Young for not bringing in the right personel to get the job done.

Zamperin will have none of this, he doesn't want to hear any of it. Suddenly he's off, screaming into the microphone, accusing the fan of being ungrateful and asking him where the team would be without Bob. He won't let the fan respond, he just keeps screaming and repeating himself, it sounds as if he's slobbering all over the bloody microphone. He lets up, just milliseconds before he hangs up on the caller.

This sets off a chain of memories. This isn't the first time it's happened. In fact, as I recall it has happened several times over the tenure of our Caretaker.

My question is this: what is the point of providing a free forum of ideas if one is not going to allow all ideas to be heard? The man wasn't being vulgar, and he was only slightly drunk, yet he was lamblasted and not given the opportunity to defend himself.

Perhaps this is not a Ti-Cat policy, perhaps it is not a CHML policy, but whoever's policy it is (and it is a policy, as this has happened every time I've heard a criticism of Bob or any supremely high-ranking Ti-Cat personel) -- but it is my belief that it must stop.

Why? Because it is unfair to expect the fans who pay money to go to your games, soak in your advertising (which you make money off of), and support this team to be supremely patient and not start pointing fingers.

While you may not like what they have to say, ultimately they're footing the bill, and as the "owners" they're entitled to their opinions.

CHML should do a better job of screening the drunken idiots BEFORE they make it on the air.

The guy you refer to as slightly drunk, was hammered and continually spoke (yelled) while Zamperin was talking.

I want Stormin’ Norman to lend us his Hammer Head Alert clip for every 5th Quarter.

That’s what I call all of the callers…the Hammer Heads.

I believe that the ideal call-in show would have some form of counterpoint in terms of a rotation of guests with some form of football analysis that isn't corporate lockjaw at its worst, but actually involves journalistic perspective that amplifies what folks are saying and can bring that into a thoughtful discussion about ways to improve the team. It is not hard to find a few people with that kind of colour commentary experience nationwide who could at least steer the convo a bit when people get repetitive and bring some insight that doesn't necessarily shoot callers' ideas down.

THe problem with the format of the show as I have listened to it for years is that there isn't enough of that. Hosts fielding thermonuclearly hot questions from angry fans without asbestos mitts on don't often make the best creators of that kind of elevated analysis. You get a mix of Dr. Phil and I've Had My Fill Of This.

That isn't a slight on Ted, Rick, or anyone else who's hosted the show over the last several years. A Ticat Hotstove with caller feedback would work better than the censorship issues you point out.

Even ensuring a Coach Sal or other broadcaster who witnessed the game could put his two cents in to act as an informed buffer works better than the scenario that often seems to break out whenever the team does badly.

Oski Wee Wee,

From what I was hearing I gathered the opposite.

That’s just me though.

To Oski-Oui-Oui:

That sounds like a great idea. I suppose what I was saying wasn’t so much a criticism of the format of the show but rather the way in which it is carried out.

I thought this year would be different with the firey comments Joe Sardo made last year on the 5th quarter. But it seems he’s bought into the same homogonized mentality as the rest of the CHML staff.

Well said, Russ!

psuedo, i'm not around enough anymore to remember who usually makes sense and who doesn't, but i thought you were one that did...

The caller you were refering to was drunk and Zamperin was hardly screaming.

based on the usual callers to the 5th quarter i'm surprised it doesn't happen more often (ie it needs to)

He made a good point "no bob young = no team right now = no one at all in the stands...

to rebut the caller:
it doesn't matter whether or not bob knows football or knows how to run a team, he doesn't have to, he just needs to hire people who do,

while Young may or may not have been a meddler (i've heard stories) he talks a good game about staying out of the 'football sides' way.

I don't think there is anything particularly irrational about my post. This has been going on for quite a while, and I notice when this sort of blow-up happens it is ALWAYS when the boss/someone who's close enough to that position is attacked.

All I am saying is that I thought Zamperin attacked the guy, and it seems to be CHML's policy towards such callers. I don't see how that guy's bull-crud was any worse than the other drunken ramblings as to necessitate what he got.

I like your ideas..everyones..

  1. Make the show a panel..bring on some former players..coaches..anyone who can bring a valid point to the table.

2)Screen the drunks..listening to a guy tanked up slurring about how the team sucks is counterproductive to me anyhow. That program to me is about passionate fans to talk good or bad about the team..This isn't Jerry Springer folks if you are drunk don't call.

3)Someone close to the game like Coach Sal for example..chiming in on the game acting as a buffer..great It creates sort of a neutral ground..Rick or Ted maybe all pro-Tabbies they can do no wrong the fan maybe Anti-Tabbies what have they done for us lately..and guys like Coach Sal are good enough to weigh in on the good and bad of the game.

All good ideas :slight_smile:

I think this forum has taken over from the 5th quarter..... this is much more entertaining

I support the idea of a panel of football analysts to discuss the game for the hour or however long the show runs.

Honestly, I don't care what some drunk thinks about the team's performance or how many coaches need to go or owners are to blame.

What matters to me, in the post game, is a professional's opinion on what worked and what went wrong. The guy in the 6th row who's behind a dozen beers and sputtering into his phone deserves to get talked over and shut down. He's wasting the time of people with well organized and coherantly presented thoughts.

During yesterday's show the most intelligent caller was a 13 year old! I'll repeat a 13 year old. Remember this rule if you drink don't drive and please for the love of God DO NOT CALL THE 5TH QUARTER!!!!! Most people that call the show have no idea as to how a football game is played or managed. You sound like complete idiots slurring your words and making invalid points. BTW is name is Jason Armstead, not Jesse Armstead or Jason Armitage and the reason he let the ball go into the endzone for a single was so we didn't have to start at our own 3 yard line!!!

Based on the few times I have heard the 5th quarter, the hosts seem to want to get into a debate with the callers. Thats easy to do but its not the way to get informed discussion going.
Let these callers have their say but also ask them what needs to be done, what they liked etc. Anything to make people think instead of just react. Raise the level of discourse a bit.

I seldom listen to the 5th Q - it's mostly garbage radio IMO. If they want to stay with a call-in format, tighten it up - instead of trying to have a conversation with callers, give them a limited amount of time to make a point, then cut them off and respond.

I would prefer, and would listen to, a post game expert panel show with no call-in portion. I would probably listen to an evening call-in show mid-week (after a three day cooling off period) if it had a mixed analysis/controlled call-in/look at the coming game format.


85-90% of the people that call into the 5th quarter are complete morons. I don't know how Rick and Ted put up with some of these people.

Defending some drunken idiot that calls into a radio show to complain about an owner that has saved our franchise and turned it into a model for success across the league is rediculous.

Bob can't catch a break. The on-field product really has nothing to do with him but he is responsible for bringing in the people that make the football decisions. So should he take heat for this? Well, what else is the man supposed to do? He brings in a rookie coach with loads of potential that ran a top notch football program for a decade at MAC. That failed. So he gets a new GM and an experienced coach. So far, that has failed as well.

There is nobody on this board that can honestly say they were 100% against the hiring of Taaffe or Desjardins. At the time, it seemed like very good moves. So did the Marshall hiring. There is nothing else Bob can do for the on-field product except opening his cheque book for some high-priced talent.....which he is apparently trying to do with Printers.

Lay off of Bob! Zamperin is right....without him, we might not even have a football team to complain about.

Zamperin will have none of this, he doesn't want to hear any of it. Suddenly he's off, screaming into the microphone, accusing the fan of being ungrateful and asking him where the team would be without Bob. He won't let the fan respond, he just keeps screaming and repeating himself, it sounds as if he's slobbering all over the bloody microphone. He lets up, just milliseconds before he hangs up on the caller.
The whole idea of Censorship seems to always get misconstrued. I think you would agree that a wide variety of opinions are 'allowed' on the 5th Q. He made is point right? He got through the rigorous (sarcasm) screening process right?

Now, I didn't listen but if you ask me Zamperin is entitled to an opinion as well (maybe he didn't communicate in the the most professional way). But with that said I am sure the employees of the organization are getting completely beaten by fans and their complaints. So, if it is the case that Rick went off then maybe that is unacceptable but calling it censorship is way off base.

No one was persecuted for their thoughts on the 5th Q right?

Pseudo, I hear you on this one.
I kinda felt the same way too as I listened.

I feel that way on this board as well some times .....this happy go lucky bunch of "cartaker" groupies gets to be a bit much some days!!!!!

He is an Owner!!!! nothing more.....nothing less.....
One can like him or not. It matters not.

Anyone who gets their back up that fast over a little negative opinion has some issues!!!!!

I'm a Football fan...NOT a "cartaker" fan!
I am sure Bob is a nice guy and all but when it comes down to it Zamps needs to lay off with the "He's the only reason we have a team" crap!
As should the groupies!!!!!!

I have not been vocal either way on Bob and his management team untill now.

I am only stating that things need to be FIXED...no more pointing fingers and so on!
Building teams do not re-start the building every year for 4 or 5 or 6 years untill they "get it right".

The Fans did not ask for any of this...and further more if any Coach, Manager or Owner would let an upset fan dictate what they do with the team, should they really be in that position in the first place????
Implying otherwise is pure deflection, please do not insult peoples intelligence.

So Zamps, or anyone, please save the "fans wanted Bob to do this" bull!!

He is the Owner.......this "cartaker" bid is comical at best but lets face it people, he holds the bucks and the papers to say he Owns the team.

I am NOT the owner....if I am, then I'm giving out autographed footballs this year instead of another poster!!!!!!!!

He wasn't the first owner and won't be the last.
Is this all Bob's fault??? na, but he's on the Top, so it starts with him!
There was Ti Cat footabll before Bob Young and will be Ti Cats football after Bob young too!!!!!!!

Groupies feel free to pounce on me, lol but you season tickets holders know I'm right on the poster thing !!!!!!!! :slight_smile:

Get off the wallet and fix it!

Just please don't tell me the only way you can get Casey Printers or whoever is to raise beer prices again......like for Terry Vaughn, ect. !!!!!!


The problem with the 5th quarter is they do not or probably cannot talk negatively against the team. They don't seem to want to critize the coaching staff or the front office. When some one calls in to critize the team, they seem to get offended by this.
PS: we need more talk radio for the TICATS.

That is what I refer to as "corporate lockjaw." I do not think having a thought-provoking panel show that challenges the club's collective wisdom somwhat is bad for business. Ask the Habs about the glut of talkshows on Quebec media outlets that ROAST the team almost nightly but still generate buzz about the club.

Oski Wee Wee,

The problem with the 5th quarter is they do not or probably cannot talk negatively against the team. They don't seem to want to critize the coaching staff or the front office. When some one calls in to critize the team, they seem to get offended by this. PS: we need more talk radio for the TICATS.
Maybe if everyone wasnt half in the bag when they called their opinions would be more effectively communicating and taken more seriously.

i know this week fmr mac defense coach and former ticat assitant coach joe sardo was not on this week because of mac game.