Censorship in BC / Hamilton forums?

So, I did a little detective work after several posts critisizing the BC Lions and Wally were removed. I clicked onto Global Moderators and wrote down the names. Then I clicked on "Moderators" in the BC and Hamilton Forums. Interesting thing popped up. The Global Moderators are not listed in BC or Hamilton forums and vice versa, the Hamilton and BC Moderators are not listed as Global Moderators. So, I clicked on the Moderator for the BC Forum to see what he (or she) has posted, and presto, all posts sounded like media releases. Now, I know I was born at night, (but not last night) but that is highly suspicious to me. Is the BC Forum Moderator a team media person? Does that mean we are only allowed to talk sunshine and praise here in the forum, and all critical posts are not welcomed? Are we going to be censored?

Just want to know!

Hi Sportsmen,

You're right - the BC Lions forum is moderated by the club instead of being globally moderated in the manner that other forums currently operate. We believe that since the forum appears on our website it is ultimately our responsibility to manage it.

You are correct: some threads do sound like media releases - we begin these topics in hopes of inciting engaging dialogue among our numerous forum users about the most recent announcements the club has made.

While the majority of the postings on our forum are engaging, insightful and written using careful thought, there are occasionally topics and/or responses that are clearly made simply to be antagonistic or to harrass other users. These types of postings, including those that refer to Lions coaches, players or forum users in derogatory terms will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.

We do not expect all postings on the bclions.com forum to be positive - in fact, we encourage criticism of a constructive nature. It is our underlying mandate to ensure that this forum provides a place for Lions fans (and fans of any CFL team for that matter) to engage in fun and insightful debate about any matter concerning the Canadian Football League.

Thank you for participating in our forum - we look forward to reading what you have to say.

so if I suggest Wally should be fired, that's a no no?

No - you are certainly permitted to post those kind of statements, provided you elaborate on your point and present your case in sentences to follow.

Simply making a one-sentence statement such as the one you used, however, will NOT be tolerated. Those types of postings are an example of what is commonly known as 'trolling' - making inflammatory statements simply to elicit a negative reaction from other forum users.

Your opinions, positive or negative, are welcomed and encouraged on our forum. As we have previously stated, we strive to be a place where all fans can engage in fun and insightful dialogue about the Lions and the CFL.

Thanks Lion Comm, you answered all my questions.

Sounds to me that Wally doesn't want to have people starting to talk about him in a negitive manner maybe he's worried about his Job . By the way If the Lions read these posts then why haven't they made any changes to the Concessions this has been a hot topic for a few years now . We used to wait till we got to the Game to eat , the last couple of years we have eating before we attend due to the Poor service, quality , and pricing .

Were the concessions ever good at BCPlace? Interesting thought 'though, imagine if they served GOOD beer and food? what a weird thought. People usually don't mind paying for something they will enjoy. another weird thought.
Wally Buono is one of the greatest Coaches ever. period. Do BC fans really want to go back to the bad old days? How many winning seasons did you have before he came to town? How many Cups did you win before 2000? Get a grip. The last thing you want is Wally coaching somewhere else. Think about it.

I didn't say to leave the Organization , maybe move upstairs to concentrate on other matters , If you followed the Team this year a lot of decisions on the Field had been drawn into question. Maybe Wally has more then he can Handle right now. Yes Wally is a great Coach no argument their, and the Food does stink at the Dome worse then it has in the past and the other Vendors they have I noticed the Quality has gone this last year.

The GM has nothing to do with the food, I don't think the Lions organization does either if I'm not mistaken. The blame lies 100% on BC Place and since its provincially owned, the government too. I simply never eat or drink there. There are so many places around there that are cheaper and better, why waste money on second rate food?

I think the Lions do have a input on the Consessions , maybe the Moderator can have a say on this .

Lions have no control over the concessions. They are held hostage by BC Place.

Exactly! Shark Club and Dog Pound are two that come to mind.