Censorship in BC and Hamilton Forum

Read a post in the BC lions Forum on how their Moderators control what is said about their team and Personal I cant belive The lions would have control over a CFL forum. Is this a dictatorship our is Wally that worried about his Job . Maybe someone can explain why BC and Hamilton do this .

Mainly because of atrocious grammar and spelling like yours I would suspect.
The other reason is that some people write some terrible things out of hurt and anger that have absolutely no bearing on the forums. 'Cause their girlfriend ran off with a woman or a person of another colour or creed is my usual suspicion.
To me that's what the moderators do anyway because I've seen some nasty posts and they usually disappear jolly quick; thanks moderators.
In most forums they seem to allow people to go at each other pretty hard as long as it stays above the belt. :smiley:

Hamilton has its own moderators because that's the official Hamilton forum. It's not just a team board like the others. I believe they've been around since the beginning, and as far as I can tell, they don't engage in censorship.

It is no worse then here LOL>

I know I’m your hero, 05. :wink:

Hey chief you are so are most the mods with the exception of one.