Do people really hate celebrations after goals/touchdowns?

I actually love it. I love watching:
Chad Johnson
The Stampeders
Alex Ovechkin

I just want to see what these guys are going to do next.

I am very cheesed with Don Cherry and his hatred for Alex. I know this is hockey but I think it also ties into football.

So Alex likes to cheer after a goal. Big deal. I have seen him in person play twice and this kid is one of the best that I have ever seen. He is a complete player. I think he's the only one of the big stars out there who actually has a smile on his face and looks like he's having fun.

Cherry is in man love with Sidney for some reason. Sidney looks like he isn't having fun at all. Cherry loves Canadians but Crosby in my opinion is not the face of the NHL anymore. Malkin and Ovechkin are. Crosby isn't as good as either of these two guys.

Now look at football. Their TD celebrations go a lot further than Ovechkin's too hot too handle routine.

It's a fun part of the game. It's not showboating, it's entertaining the fans. The fans pay to see these guys play.

I don't feel bad for Tampa's rookie goalie, or Martin St. Louis or the Lightning team or the Lightning fans. So a guy scored a goal on you and he celebrated, big deal. Get over it.

I am very angry over this because fans want to be entertained, even if it's the visiting team, you still want to be entertained. I love seeing guys having fun. They are playing sports and being paid millions of dollars, at least have some fun doing it.

You're right. I pay to see them PLAY...not act like moronic jerks. I have no problem with a celebration in the moment. Its the staged, choreographed routines that I have a problem with.

Those outlandish celebrations are egotistical and selfish acts that only draw attention to the individual themselves. It's bragging and it's not honourable. It's alos pointless as we know Ovechkin is great, and we know that he's scored 50 goals. He's a good guy that needs a little maturing.

Celebrating as a team and with your team is a good thing. It's respectful, and is itself easily repsected.

What Ovechkin did after his 50th goal was NOT a celebration, it was a mockery, everyone knows he is good, a fist pump in the air is fine, a big smile and group hug are celebrations, his little act is likened to the bobsleigh crap the Stamps did.

I am very cheesed with Don Cherry and his hatred for Alex
Don Chery admitted that Ovechkin was the best player playing now, no where did he say he hated him, Cherry has respect for the game and thinks all players should have respect for the game and other teams/players as well and nowhere in the game is there room for what AO did, it's childish, plain and simple
Sidney looks like he isn't having fun at all
So somebody who shows respect and doesn't need all the circus acts is not having fun??, I'm wiling to bet Crosby is having a boatload of fun getting paid to play a game he loves. My guess is 715 of the other NHL players aren't having fun either??

On the Cherry thing, interesting that you think Cherry loves Crosby.

I was just thinking Saturday night how foolish Cherry looks with his hate-on for the three leading scorers in the league.

Remember that Cherry is the guy that suggested someone break Crosby’s arm for a hotdog goal in junior. Just as he suggested with Ovechkin recently in his “hiding in the weeds” comment. Cherry wouldn’t even mention Crosby’s name during the playoffs last year. When confronted on it, he mumbled something about not wanting all those people that hate hockey getting him in trouble with the CBC. I don’t see Cherry all that often, but the sense I get is that he only started to get behind Crosby because it allows him to make his case for the Pens stocking up on goons.

Nothing new there - Cherry hated Gretzky at first because he wouldn’t fight. Then he hated him because people compared him to Orr. He only got on the Gretzky bandwagon later when it became obvious to him that his career would be over if he kept slamming this Canadian wonderkid that was on his way to becoming the best ever. Once he found the “Gretzky would be nothing without Semenko” goon-promotion angle, and later the Captain Canada angle, Gretz was good with him.

On the main topic, I like some showboating in the context of the game. Do something great, something momentum-changing, show a little passion to get yourself/your teammates/your fans fired up. Or take the away crowd down a notch. Sell the game. Good stuff.

When it’s some clown with a prop in his sock, or some guy that makes a routine catch or sack, or worst of all, some guy that’s celebrating when he’s been handed his head half the night, I hate it. I’d suspend those guys for five games for being disrespectful to the whole notion of greatness.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this one. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the staged celebration, as I do find it quite disrespectfull to the opposition, although I do have to admit, some of them are quite funny, (ie. the bob-sled, the cell-phone, the autograph). In each of the three cases I listed, I can't remember who the oposition team was, but I can guarantee you that if that was our team that just got scored on, I wouldn't have thought it was that funny. I remember when DJ Flick did a little Oskee-wee-wee number in our endzone, and have to admit I was not too pleased.

Overall, while I may have found some of the celebrations to be funny, I would prefer that players refrain from staged dances and celebrations. Maybe I'm a little old school, but you don't have to do these things to show passion. Whle OVs celebration was a major milestone, I didn't find it very funny, and thought he looked pretty stupid, but that's just my feeling on this particular celebration. I am quite sure that if I was a Tampa Bay fan, I would thought even less of it. I also had a major issue with him celebrating right beside the net. If you want to yuk it up, at least do it by your own bench. He was probably lucky he didn't get mugged by the Tampa Bay goalie, or any of the three players he just beat.


I can't stand them to be quite honest (the football ones anyway...haven't seen too many Hockey ones)

If I was a coach, playing at home I would have my defensive players not allow that celebration in my end-zone and I'd take as many penalties as necessary to make sure it doesn't happen without protest.

maybe that's just me....but i'll be damned if I'm going to let that crap go on in my endzone.

When you are on the road...who cares let em' do what they want.....but no way EVER would I let them do that in front of my home fans.

Don't forget when Don Cherry rebuked Sidney Crosby for his hot dog celebrations when he was a youngster. Crosby learned better.

I don't pay to watch guys like Nick Lewis and the Calgary/Winnipeg receivers run around the commonwealth track, "bobsled", play duck duck goose, etc. It's a mockery of the game, as you don't see silly celebrations(to the extent that some CFLers have taken it) in any other sport(including the NFL). When I go to a football game, I am expecting to see talented players score touchdowns, or prevent touchdowns and nothing more(classy guys like Tucker, Cahoon, Ray, Calvillo). If I wanted to see duck duck goose I would go visit a daycare centre. Staged celebrations seem to change the focus of a football team. The Calgary receivers a few years ago were really bad with the celebrations and Higgins had no control over them whatsoever. It seemed like they cared more about their stupid celebrations than they did about winning. Once Hufnagel took control, they backed off on the celebrations, returned their focus to actually playing football and voila a Grey Cup. However, I still don't respect them with some of the comments they made after they won the Cup.

Lol take it easy. Celebrations are all in fun and games and I find it interesting to see what new ones they come up with each year. If it get’s too out of hand obviously something needs to be done but celebrations are a decent part of a td or goal. If some1 scores a TD they should have fun and have their little celebration, it’s their moment, they scored. If the other teams don’t wanna see it well guess what? don’t let em score then.


It's the team's moment. A receiver doesn't throw the ball to himself. There are also lineman and RBs blocking for the QB to get a good look and read and then make a good throw. There are also other recievers that are running clearing routes allowing the TD catcher to get open.

I personally love a good celebration after a TD. It shows raw human emotion in a positive frame of mind. I find that inspiring.

Its easy for people who are not pro athletes to say its wrong to cheer. Everyone is different and therefore everyone is going to deal with scoring differently.

There is no rule against it and its part of the game. Nuff said..

in ' 06, i bought tickets to the stamps at argos partly to see the stamps do crazy TD celebrations.

i love them.


  1. Its not "RAW" if it is staged and rehearsed is it?
  2. There are rules against it! Its called taunting.
  3. Its not part of the game , ot happens after game play has stopped

Couldn't it be said then that a sack dance is wrong also?

Covington used to have a great one if I recall.

Personally, I don't care what our players do in the end-zone. Just get there often !

Can we at least agree that players should not try to celebrate BEFORE they score?

Greatest moment in Superbowl history (though it didn't affect the final outcome):


Taunting and celebrating are 2 very different things. I would hope someone who follows football would know that. Players on the sidelines celebrate everything good that happens on the field so why shouldn't the ones on the field do it?

About the "raw" issue. I'm not talking about rehearsed TD dances etc. I'm talking about regular excitement like raising arms or running around yelling to get teammates and/or the crowd pumped up. There is no rule against that kind of stuff at all.

I think for the most part, the CFL is generally good about the way players celebrate TD's.
I prefer it when the play shows some excitement after a score and is then surrounded by other teammates who show some enthusiasm too. I also don't mind the occasional bit of hoopla on the way back to the bench but I hope we are spared from the orchestrated stuff that has gone on in the NFL.

Any celebrations outside of the emotional/ natural celebration are stupid. In my opinion, Ovechkin should have received a misconduct for that bit of idiocy...and he should've at least been given a rough ride for the rest of the game by the other team.

Football endzone dances are embarrassing. Those also should be flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. I just think it makes everyone involved look bad.
Be happy and exited. Jump around a bit, high-five and congratulate each other, then get back to business.

The one thing that I really like(d) about hockey was that no one would have the stones to pull stunts like they do in football for fear of their safety. It was just understood -- beyond the fact that your teammates wouldn't talk to you. Could you imagine, even in the early '90's, if someone tried something like that in the NHL? They'd be answering the bell either right then and there, or off the next draw. Now, it looks as though players are going to hide behind the new 'cleaned up' rules.

I say, show some respect out there.

If I were coaching a football team, I'd instruct my players to ensure the visitors were unable to pull any of these antics. First, playing stingy defence...and secondly by physically 'interrupting' any of these celebrations.

...but that's the hockey player in me.

But then hockey is also the sport where a perfectly CLEAN body check WITHIN the rules means you have to politely remove your helmet so that some thug that shouldn't have made it past junior can pummel you.

Where playing well enough that you score five goals to the other team's one means that you have to send someone out to get pummelled by the losing team so that they can save face.

Where two teams can play a close game with their respective thugs on the bench and then, four weeks later, play a blowout game where, suddenly there is the need to punish someone on the winning team for an incident that occurred three meetings ago, or even last season.

Where getting pushed by an opposing defenceman into his goalie means that you have to fight some guy that hasn't been off the bench for the past five games.

I agree that out of context celebration can often look stupid, but I wouldn't look to hockey as the model of good sportsmanship.