I'm bringing this up again but with a new twist this time. I have mentioned before that I don't like the dancing in the end-zone but now I hate it even more.
Did you notice that in Saturday's game, twice the defence started dancing after an interception? Whats next? The kicker and holder do the cancan after a field goal? If we get video replay, will the refs start to do a dance if the video shows they made the right call?

Enough is enough and it should be stopped

I respect you opinion but I disagree with it. The fact the players are allowed to dance and celebrate in this league, is one of the many great things that seperates the CFL from the NFL. It's just a game, yes it's a profession, but you got learn to have fun doing it, and nothing is more fun then scoring a touchdown or making a big play. What's dumb is when your losing 44-7 and you dance after making a huge play. But when your winning, you gotta enjoy yourself, and if you feel like busting a move, you should do so.

I don't mind the dancing and celebrating, it adds the excitement to the game and is fun to watch. Agree with Argonauts though, if you're losing big or winning big, don't do it.

ro, feel free to dance in your office after completing a big task...

.........exactly ro, after securing another contract the first thing I do is run down to the washroom, change into my gold sequined baggy pants, and then it's Hammer Time.......do do do do do-do do-do "can't touch this" do do do do do-do do-do "can't touch this".....


personnaly i like it, specially Copelan "special" choregraphy :smiley:

OK but when the refs start doing a dance because the video replay confirmed the call, Don't come crying to me :lol:

Hey! Maybe Walby or Shultz can dance if they predict the game winner. I sure we would all like to see that

Only if they dance together. That would be the CFL’s Halloween special.

LOL !! Good one mate ! :lol:

..........too funny.........on the drive home tonight FAN960 in Calgary was interviewing Higgins and he said he was practicing some dance moves because, in his words, "in case we do something really spectacular, you know, I should have a dance prepared, because I coached that awesome play right? So I should show off".........the announcer was quiet for a second and then said,"uuuu, you're joking right?".....Higgins just said 'maybe'.........he was being sarcastic over the stupid penalty that calixte took for UC that led to BC's last TD in the first half ot the friday game..........pretty good laugh though........

hello XFL Vinc McMahon rules

If your going to let the receivers dance, then I suspect its only a matter of time before everyone gets into the act. Personally I agree with r13 on this one and can do without it.

you need the dancing. it brings the mood up. even if the road team scores a touchdown it's still entertaining to see what original thing they can comeup with. but ben cahoon is terrible at the dances and his are ussually offensiive to the other team. everyone else's dances are fun and harmless

Yep entertainment thats why we go to watch football, cheerleaders and well celebrations! Redandwhite wow that was too much that dance of yours you will have to show that to Nik Lewis!

I beg your pardon? Ben Cahoon's dances are offensive to the other team?

Name ONE game in which Cahoon danced. Hell, he did not even dance during the 2002 Grey Cup victory. When Cahoon scores, he gets back up, gives the ball to the ref and heads back to the huddle to hold the ball for the kicker's convert.

Dude, no offence, but if you don't know what you are talking about, don't make bold comments.

Ben Cahoon doesn't dance! And definitely doesn't show up the other team, what the Hell are you talking about?

End-Zone dances...heck I hate them...

Even when we had Copeland, Anderson & Cavil doing their "dances"....ok Cahoon was looking at them but didn't really dance...

Cahoon is a CLASS ACT that every other receiver in the league should follow....he scores a TD, then get up, gives the ref the ball & go back in the o-line for PAT.

Dances in the end-zone are useless...they are not cheerleading try-outs....if you want to become a Britney Spears backup dancer...quit football....

I can't wait for Copeland to "try" & dance on Thursday in MTL, I already have my insult lists completed when's he's gonna try in the west end-zone !

There's nothing wrong with being spontaneous and celebrating when you are excited and make something happen on the field, but I agree that planning and choreographing is NOT SPONTANEOUS.

Considering how ridiculous some of these celebrations are, let's take it one step further. If I was coach of either Hamilton or Winnepg and caught wind of these guys placing more focus on the stupid celebration dance they are going to do when they make a play, I would have a hard time not sitting that player down to catch some splinters that week.

The teams that are doing well need to reign it in a little because it is no longer spontaneous and exciting, it is telegraphed and embarrassing. What would you have next? Perhaps the entire team should break into a "spontaneous touchdown dance". I'm sure the cheer team coaches would be happy to choreograph a routine or two for them to use. Seriously though, there are times when it borders on taunting and definitely times when it shows little or no class and just smacks of arrogance.

As far as teams that are not doing well, again, if your team is having a losing year and you are still worried about what stupid little dance you are going to use "if and when" you score, maybe you are in the wrong profession. Shouldn't you be worried about what you are going to do to get into the end zone and help your team instead of what you are going to do after? Add to that how stupid it looks coming from guys that are on a team that has only won one or two games. What are you celebrating, your first and only TD of the season? Maybe you should score a few more before you start dancing so it looks like, you know, you've been there before.


I like Cahoon's poise, but I also think there needs to be some celebrating going on to pump the guys some more. If everyone was like Cahoon, the team would lack some dynamism. This is not a tea salon.

The last two games, Robert Edwards showed some energy following big plays. Nothing big (I don't even know how many people noticed his celebrations): fist-pumping, taps on his teammates helmets, finger-poking at the guy who made the biggest block on the play, etc. Small things that still highlighted the gains of momentum. That's contagious.

Another example is Marc Megna. You never see that guy humping the ball, or impersonating Gloria Estefan, but he jumps everywhere before and after plays, screams good words at his teammates, can't hold into place, and acts like he's taken too much cafeine. That pumps the other guys.

Good post Supertoe....You posted what I've always felt.