Celebration? Or obscene gesture?

Rider fan here. Happy with the W at the home opener.

But I can't figure out how Duke Williams wasn't penalized and/or fined by the league for humping the end zone.

I get (and enjoy watching) celebrations, and anyone who knows me will attest that I am the opposite of a prude, but really? There's a time and place, and a public workplace with kids in attendance is neither. A professional should realize this.

Am I completely out to lunch in thinking this?


So what, now we're going to censor celebrations? Get over it, let the boys play. Either that or we'll end up with a league full of effete Stepford clones. Maybe make Trudeau the commissioner so he can tell us all what CFL values really are! Pass.

We already censor celebrations. Guys get penalized for throat slashes. One team (Bombers? TiCats?) Got fined for jumping in a sideline boat. If a guy spikes a ball and it hits an opposing player. Getting in the other teams face after a score.

Any or all of these will earn at least a 15 yd Unsportsmanlike penalty.

I was just surprised that an overtly sexual gesture didn't fall into that category.

(And btw, if it were my choice, I wouldnt let that unmentionable name you brought up run a lemonade stand)


Meh as long as it doesn't hurt anyone why cry about it. These guys play their butts off to get to where they are at and when they score at home its all meant to get the crowd into the game.

It was bizarre.
It caused a pause in the TSN play booth when the replay happened. And they kinda skipped over it.

Never have I seen such a disgusting turn off on a CFL game field. Williams either has rocks in head or experienced temporary insanity. If his team or the league ignores the indecency of that action they're no better too.


It looked like Williams was humping Gainer's gopher hole.

Could you imagine if Simoni did that ? "Oh the humanity" Suitor's head would've exploded . All I have to say is that it's a good thing for Williams that he wears green .


As I said, I'm a Rider fan.

And I was kinda thinking the same thing, but not in a way specific to the Riders. If he had done that in another team's park, or another team's player did it here, I think there would have been massive boos and a flag. I think the same if (to use your example) Simoni Lawrence had done the same thing at THF, he would have been more likely to get away with it than if he had done it at BMO. I think it was a homer call (or lack of call) rather than a specific Riders thing.

That said, I think it was low class and inappropriate, and should have been addressed. Maybe it was addressed behind closed doors, but there should be some acknowledgement if that was the case.

Hey, fair is fair. If I'm going to call out players on other teams for things, I should be prepared to apply the same standard to my own guys, no?


Skipping over it was a good decision. Some things just fall into the "less said the better" category. :roll_eyes:


I've seen worse. A certain Stamps runningback mooning the Regina fans comes immediately to mind.

But the fact that there may have been worse offenses does not alter the fact that this particular act was inappropriate, offensive, and unnecessary, and it should be dealt with on some level.


Because you dare to label his despicable act a celebration your reply suggests you are of questionable morals too. What channel is the Champions Golf on? I hope my lawn bowling night doesn't conflict.


Well folks, it's over. The league has issued it's disciplines for the week & Williams got away with it (the cad!). I guess in a week where Christina Aguilera made the news Duke's antics don't seem so bad. At least he kept his p****r in his pants.:stuck_out_tongue:


Looking for pity? First, grow up past the trolling stage. Bye!

Please don't tell me it was also seen on TV and went without punishment.

It's not the end zones fault for being flat....I mean after all it is located in the prairies .


Some guys are turned on by 'end zones'. Others are leg guys.


didnt see it, cant comment. I do know that some dance moves seem to mimic humping but are not intended to, usually

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...said the guy being led away by security guards from the dance floor. :partying_face:


Wasn’t “Footloose” in Canada?