Celebrating Non-Touchdown & Non-Sack Plays

Call me old fashioned / old school but I am getting sick and tired, not just with the Ticats, but in all of the CFL and NFL with celebrating after a lot of plays.

I agree with a touchdown or sack celebration but getting a first down and spiking the ball or pointing for a first down or making a tackle and jumping up back to back with a team mate. I just find it really unnecessary.

The person on the Cats who needs to tonte this down a bit is Jamal Johnson. He is such a good player but after he makes a tackle 5 yards down the field, he starts playing his guitar. I feel that he should focus more on making plays than celebrating. Save that stuff for a huge play like a sack, fumble/fumble recovery, TD, blocked kick etc.

Hey if it gets the players motivated and pumped up then go for it. The only time it bugs me is when we're being destroyed by the opposition and we get a TD in garbage time. There's nothing to celebrate at all there.

I agree in principle - way too many celebrations by way too many players for just doing their job!

As to JJ specifically, I have to disagree, especially if you're referencing this past game. He was all business out there. No celebrations from what I saw what-so-ever.

I know he has celebrated in the past. But I'm almost positive that its after a big play or a drive stopping tackle. I think JJ knows time & place much better than most.

I think it is partly related to more permissive parenting styles that started in the 1960s, and there has been a snowball effect over the last few decades. Since the 70s, it has become fashionable to encourage kids to value themselves, but the part of the message that has faded is the part about also valuing and respecting others. Not to say that selfish behavior didn't exist previously, but since the 70s, it seems that school and popular media have specifically indoctrinated kids to be selfish. The intention is for kids to love themselves and think they are special, but the pendulum has swung too far, and we have a generation that to a disturbing degree lacks the capacity for critical self-evaluation.

Even though he was never big for frivolous on-field celebrations, I think Joe Namath's ostentatious persona with the Jets is what started us down this road. I think silly attention-seeking behavior was rare prior to Namath because guys were justifiably afraid of getting their ass kicked by other players, or even fans in the community. Namath was one of the first players to be so "important" and highly paid that he could afford to ignore the opinions of others. I think once one pro class does something, the next pro class is bolder about doing it too, or even going further "because I saw player X do it".

I think the conduct of players that kids see on TV is an even bigger influence. Players who are now 28 were old enough to know about "The Ickey Shuffle" in 1989, and before that there was the celebrated selfishness of Jim McMahon. Deion Sanders took it to a whole new level. A whole generation of players has grown up watching that conduct be not just tolerated, but rewarded. As players from the old guard have retired, any self-regulation that existed has faded even further. Soon the pro football ranks won't include anyone who is old enough to remember a time when thumping your chest and celebrating ordinary plays was not normal. A few jackasses paved the way, and now the kids who grew up watching them have turned it into the "new normal".

Exactly and amen to that. Every kid today is regarded as "special" and and is taught to be a conformist. The kids playing organized sports today all get equal play time and the dominant players aren't rewarded with an MVP trophy. Everybody gets the exact same one. There can be no exclusion. No matter how inferior or mediocre somebody plays.

It wasn't like that in the old days. Whoever sucked sat on the bench and if you wanted to play you had to work harder and EARN your spot on the roster.

Critical self-evaluation is non-existant because they are all taught to be sheep with no individual accountability. I've been analyzing and studying this trend over the last few years and it is indeed disturbing. But ultimately we are powerless to change the course.

8) You hit it right on the head with your comments, "safetyblitz".
  Truer words were never spoken !!

  Young kids today are being brought up by their parents and teachers, to believe that they are the most important 
   person in the world, and that they have no faults at all.  They are number one in this world.
   Don't worry about anyone elses feelings, because you are the only one that counts !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    Then when these kids get older and get out into the real world, bam, reality hits them in the face, and they are 
     devastated, and don't know how to handle it !!

We just need a fishing boat in the end zone ! (a la Winnipeg, 2009)

You've inspired me to start a new thread about time travel

Go for it ExPat; time travel (back to the past, not forward to the future), is my favourite daydream.