Celebrating Canadian CFL - Aligning with the Seasons

The CFL should ingrain itself with Canada's culture with a few changes.

  1. Align the start of the CFL season with start of Canadian summer.
    For most Canadians, the summer starts with a unique Canadian holiday - the Victoria Day long weekend. This should be Week #1 of the regular season for several other reasons:
  • It allows for 6 extra Thursday Night Football games, increasing revenue opportunities, Thursday Night games stop when the NFL season starts doing them in early September
  • It provide more opportunities for joining NFL teams mid-season, which is currently being encroached upon by the XFL, enhancing talent recruitment
  • It opens opportunities to have an All-Star game at the end of the season. But that's for a later post
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Might have to wait until the World Cup of Soccer is done with in 2026. After that you never know.

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World Cup is going to dominate when we host

I expect both CFL and MLB will suffer rating wise

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