Cecchini is tone deaf or stupid

The President of the Alouettes expects to have players in camp in May when the City and Province has stated there will be no large gatherings permitted until at least fall 2021.

What game is the CFL "playing" at this point, cause it ain't football?


I have not heard either of those ( May camp or no gatherings)....and so what if he does? They could have a new plan to play without fans?
I expect them to win the cup...don't mean they will

Article does not say the city or province won't allow large gatherings...The writer is offering her opinion that it won't happen. And so is Cecchini

The writer is citing Dr. Drouin. I have no idea who Dr. Drouin is but she seems to be speaking on behalf of some kind of Health department of the government.

Yeah but it is still hardly a done deal...I am not saying it is not going to happen though

And "large gatherings" is not necessarily the same as a business of 100-150 people (i.e., including all players, coaches, etc.) operating with mandated controls

Cecchini said in the interview, he expects to open the season on time with their fans in the stadium. I take that to mean season training camp to open in May and pre-season to start May 23rd.

Camp is six weeks away and they don't have anything submitted to the Feds. They don't have any agreements where they would hold training camp or where they would play.

Lets get real here... There is no way any of this happens, he knows it so why keep pushing rainbows and unicorns ?(missleading to fans and players).

Look what is happening in Italy right now, they are being hit by a third wave of this virus, they claim is the UK strain. Governments are all expecting this shoe to drop. There will be no stadiums full of people in Canada this summer. Take it to the bank!