Cdn starters for Hamilton

I have been giving it some thought on what 7 Canadians I would start. It really depends on how Shamawd Chambers and Mark Chapman do.

Obviously if Shamawd has a good training camp I would give him a starting receiver position and Revenberg, Filer, either Rice or Girard and then Stephen, Capiciotti and Laurent as my 7 starters.

If shamawd was not ready to go to start the season why not put in Mike Daly at safety which we have seen him play pretty well back there and move Stephen back to his corner spot...OR we give Justin Vaughn a starting role beside Laurent on the tackle spots...cant forget Jackson Bennett also...we could even try him at the outside linebacker spot.

We have lots of options and that's exactly the situation that we want . Solid depth at every position is injury insurance . Jones / Tillman know that you can lose a 1000 yard receiver in the first series of the first game . If we had 9 starting Canadians and solid backup guys, then the possibilities are endless.

Daly/Langa safety, Stephen/ Bennett corner, Shortill/ Bennett lb, Laurent/Vaughn dt, Capiccioitti/ McGough de, Filer/Girard centre, Revenberg/Schram guard, Rice/ Ciraco guard, Chambers/ Faubert Lussier receiver, and Chapman/Jones receiver for an extra10th option .

So there you go . Let the opinions/other combinations come forth or fifth.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I hope Bennett gets a shot at SAM linebacker. If Pruneau can do it as a rookie, I don't see why
Bennett can't. I think Daly played their in game once, he could be the backup.