CBS Sports article about Trestman

Good read!

Excellent article, I hope Marc remains with the Als for many more years.

There are many things I like about Jim but one thing I ADMIRE is he will do whatever he can to help someone get ahead even if it will make things more difficult for himself. He's a fiercely loyal and straight shooting individual.

I think Coach will end up going back to the NFL. It is natural that he will want to test himself against his peers at the highest level and as much as I love my CFL. For an American the NFL is where you get validation.

I just hope he has the opportunity to find the right situation. The Raiders with a neurotic old man is probably not the best, even if Davis initialy agrees to Trestman's demands. I could see him as a 20 year coach with The Panthers hopefuly he dosen't leave with Jim too :?

I agree. I really hope Tresman stays but you really got to be happy for the guy if someone does give him a shot south of the border.

If we win the Grey Cup this season, Trestman is gone to the NFL, and I can't blame him. You have to give a guy a chance to take his best shot at the highest level.

Marc is a quality coach and a quality individual, and yet more proof that Jim Popp is the heart and soul of this Alouettes organization.

He's under contract for 2010

Right, but it wouldn't be the first time a head coach opted out of his contract early to pursue an opportunity down south. If Trestman asked Popp to let him go, I doubt Jim would refuse.

The option is at the team discretion, not the coach.

I understand that, but if we can consider Popp as representing 'the team,' I have a hard time believing that he'd force Trestman to stay for one more year if Trestman wanted to leave and there was an NFL coaching vacancy.

There were rumours last season about Trestman returning to the NFL and Popp was asked about it.
He replied that MT was under contract for 2 more years, but things could always be worked out.

I assume its easier to work things out with one remaining year than with 2.

I certainly hope that MT doesn't leave, for the good of the team, and the league

I agree. I don't think that Popp would force Trestman to stay if a better opportunity presented itself south of the border. Hey! It may be a great opportunity for Jim Popp to take hold of the coaching reigns again! :lol:

Sorry...couldn't resist. :smiley:

I believe Hamilton did not give last year's coach permission to play in the USA. I always thought the coach acted like he did not give a damn about the Ti Cats.

Very different circumstances. Taffe didn't know if he had a job as Obilovich was negotiating with other candidates (that always get's out) and when he got turned down he decided to keep taffe. Trestman has had the full support of the organisation.

It is not up to Popp to decide it would be up to the owner. I suspect whatever team would have to make it worth his while to release his coach. Anything from 1 million to 3 million dollars is my guess. A team would have to want him real bad to sign that kind of cheque.

I think he will honor his contract and then look where he and his family are at and go from there. He's got a nice situation in Montreal.

hey ther als fans
I have read the article on MT hope for your group that he stays
myself I like watching him on the sidelines some say no emotion just like our coach here in sask KM but to me its control they don't get to high nor low also unreal as to how fast he picked up our game look at andrus or as I have seen him called count chocula hillarius surrounded himself this year with no knowledge coaching oh ya and steve burrato
don't get me wrong here folks about our present coach cause I think he is very much in control of our team and our guys play hard for him just as your guys do for MT
but just imagine us here in sask when KA rolled into town took us to the dance and won then rolled out in a saskatchewan blizzard for his alma matter to be a O coordinater at olde miss with 2yrs left on contract with the riders of course some were angry but I think the majority incl. me were ok with it he was a huge figure here and brought more belief in this team since the last time he qb the 89 GC
so I guess what I'm saying is if he does happen to leave just be glad for the time you called him coach :thup:

Mark Trestman has not only improved the Als, he’s improved the league. I beleive in time it will be shown the same with Andrus.