CBC's Warrior of the Year?

I was watching yesterdays game and I seen that they have a Contest on now where you can vote on the warrior of the year and if you win you and the player get a new truck. I tried to find the site where you can vote but cant find it, I think it may only be up when a game is being played?

My Vote ---- Tay Cody -----

and urs??



Even though I bleed black and gold (which messes up my doctor something awful), I gotta give it to Geroy Simon.

If you have to give reasons for your pick, it's no the right one :slight_smile:

The website to vote is cbc.ca/warrior, and once you cast the vote you can go and register for the truck.

Tay Cody for my vote.

Tay has my vote.

Tay may be the warrior of the ticats (and my fav current ticat), but he is NOT the warrior of the league.

My vote for warrior of the year is the bag man for the Toronto Argos. Whoever can come up with that much money for CFL players, continually going way way over the supposed salary cap and not raise the total ire of the rest of the league deserves top honours.

My heart is with the Cats.. but Geroy Simon deserves it this year.