CBC's "New" CFL Team

CBC's new team was good ,I like Eliot Freedman ,but miss Darren Flutie.

kahari Jones was a good fresh face on the side lines and gave acurate reports of Damon Allens injury ,while the guys in the booth gave wrong ones.

Chris Walby impressed me with his insights,his a good teacher of the O line .

The play by play guy (name?) was constantly calling for penalties to our O line ,"now that should have been a penalty" over and over every second play,until Walby politely put him in his place as a biased Argo fan ,Ti-Cat hater that he is :twisted: ......including many mistakes

The camera coverage was poor with lighting dificulties from the shaded end zones and sun lit rest of the field,but poor job on the whole by the camera guys or editor....

I guess Both TSN and CBC are competing against one another

CBC was horrible, it was completely biased. Argos this, Argos that. It made me sick, you shouldn't have that in sports.

Right on Miller 91. The coverage was completely biased. Shudder to think how bad it would have been if Ricky Williams would have had a great game... Enough already , CBC.

The "New Team" did seem a bit fresher, but I do miss Darren, HOWEVER, I WILL NEVER GET USED TO AND WILL CHOOSE TO LISTEN TO CHML, when that over pompus of a wind bag WALBY does play by play.

OMG, he went on and on and on as if Ricky Williams was the second coming. And not for nothing, this is his style. I find his attitude towards Hamilton very negative always. I don't know what bee got in his bonnet. But Walby drove me nuts yesterday.

Walby wasn't even the worst, the other guy, don't know his name, don't want to know his name, was absolutely brutal. All I can say is thank god the next game is at home, and I never thought I'd say it but I'll be glad to hear Farr

I thought i was watching a local cable broadcast ! The annoucers didn't bother to explain 2 penalties but rather just droned on with their "special " insight . They constantly called wrong players names and numbers and also called the wrong score a few times ( umm how hard is it to read the scoreboard !!! ) . They cut to commercials then came back to air after a play was over and never bothered to explain what was going on . Oh and please get your precious RW story correct : he was living in a 7 dollar a night tent in Australia , or he was living with budist monks ,or he was studying yoga in India .... pick one we dont CARE ! Also the hi definition of the CBC is a joke ( maybe they were using the hi defn cameras for the Oiler game ) There is no comparision between the CBC and TSN's coverage ! I wish TSN could broadcast the GREy CUP

You would think that Williams outplayed Holmes the way that guy was talking . It was brutal and even at halftime how long was it till someone said something about Hamilton ???

Bob Young should come on here and say something . It had to irk him the most since he does OWN the team !!!!!

CBC's play by play guy was brutal!!!!

I thought Walby was good for once....

CBC's play by play guy also mentioned that these teams meet next on Labour day ,just one of many funnies including a reference to Maas and Ricky Ray playing together in Hamilton....

We play Sat.,Aug.12 th at IW 7PM .....Hello???

This was missed on the fifth quarter as well ,the host never caught a reference to the next game being Labour day,nope !it's Aug.12th!... :wink:

CBC :thdn:

TSN :thup:

Nuff said.

this is the same crap that happens when u watch a leaf game...cuz harry niel is garbage.

Ya,thats all fine and I have to agree ,but guess who televises the playoffs and Grey Cup game....geeeezzzze!


CBC coverage was definately biased at times. All this garbage on Williams, and he really was nothing spectacular. Williams did nothing that Avery couldn't have done. The CBC kept saying he was a great decoy, and affected the defence making for great play action. The same thing happens when Avery is in the backfield. This was overblown. Williams really only got some yards late in the game when Toronto was leading, a pretty common thing to occur for any back in this league.

When watching TSN later they had a poll on who was the bigger impact Williams, Holmes, Maas, or Joseph. When the result came in heavily for Williams, Jaques Clime laughed, and said by far Corey Holmes was the better player.

Who does the CBC interview after the game, but Ricky Williams. At least guy had some class and brushed off the commentator indicating that his team had a good game. It looked like even Ricky new he did nothing spectacular. They should have interview Spurgeon Wynn, he was probably the player of the game.

Come on CBC, let's call the entire game.

The best "CFL on CBC" broadcasters for the last many years, Chris Cuthbert and Brian Williams, are now reunited on TSN. No surprise that TSN's telecast is easily superior re play-by-play and overall analysis.

I like Elliotte Friedman's hiring as the "CFL on CBC" host. He is the best replacement for Brian Williams from the current CBC roster of broadcasters, IMHO.

Don't get me started re Mark Lee and (to a lesser extent) Chris Walby. Just read my messages in the play-by-play thread regarding some of the stupidities uttered by those two.

Oski Wee Wee,

Actually, it's not, the announcers for CBC Hockey are all in my opinion very unbiased (including western announcers), which is another reason it irritates me to see biased opinions on CFL, can't they find somebody else?

As I've mentioned in other threads, the real travesty here is that because these jokers are on publicly funded CBC, you and I pay their salaries.

How I wish there was a box on my tax return where I could deduct my 2 or 3 cents share of their salaries.

They both stink. There is little point in having Challenges when the replay is as blurry as it can be...If it is not conclusive then it cannot be overturned. The slow motion will rarely show anything...Why are Canadian Football broadcasts sooo bad ? Most of the commentators sound like they are calling a baseball game or golf...Camera angles are horrible and HELLLOOOO how about an instant replay...emphasis on the word instant... instead, I'm looking at some linemans butt. Get it together, the product on the field is great, the broadcast is amatuer...none of these guys would make it on ESPN, not even close. Hire someone from the States to take charge of the broadcast and do it right....geeez enough already.

According to the CBC:

Ricky Williams stuffed on a one yard run = great effort by Williams to make something out of nothing

Holmes stuffed on a one yard run = great effort by the Argo defensive line