CBC's Malcolm Kelly predicts Hamilton to win

1. These teams played four times this year, with the Cats winning the first two and Montreal the next pair. But for a mistaken call by a downfield official, it could have been 3-1 for the Ticats, who showed in all but a 44-13 blowout that they not only could compete with the Grey Cup champions, they could rise above.

Glenn saved two of his best outings, plus one outstanding quarter, for the Alouettes, and the defence seemed to take extra pride in matching themselves against the Grey Cup champs.

  1. Avon Cobourne. Cast away by the Als after last season, the running back has made no attempt to hide his disdain for the former employer, though his four games against them haven't been spectacular by any means (207 total yards).

Sat out for the final game of the season to rest, he could be ready to put a serious dent in his old club's pride. And he has the game to do it, having run for 1,420 yards, third best in the league.

  1. And here's the big one. There's something wrong with these Alouettes. They barely beat Hamilton in Week 16 and then, with the East Division for the taking (and a huge week off to rest), they lost three in a row.

That was by one to Winnipeg, by five to Calgary and by a massive 42 last week at B.C.

Their body language said tired. Their quotes were strange, professing worry, wondering if it might be too big a row to hoe because of the injuries, and the age.

Not the supremely confident Alouettes we're used to.

There may well be one more big game in the Larks, in front of the fans at Olympic Stadium. Don't be surprised to see it.

But this is the most beatable Montreal team we've seen in many a year.

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Sounds good, Captain.

However, the Cats still have hit them ferociously, relentlessly and with the foot fully down on the gas pedal for the FULL 60 minutes. Hit them hard, hit them often and keep hitting them until the final whistle blows.

Let's not only BEAT the Als, but send a message to misquitoville that their next in line for the beatdown.

I'm ready...too bad the game isn't tomorrow!!!!!

Too bad the game isn't on tonight!

Getting antsy here... :o

Never bet against Malcom Kelly my friends.... :wink: