CBC's Game Coverage

Well, I thought that CBC's announcer-less coverage stunk just as much last night as it did the first game.

The sound wasn't any better, although there was no intercom leakage. The stadium announcer was still muffled, and the main sound was just the dull roar from the crowd.

But the camera-work was the worst. How many plays did I miss seeing because the cameras followed the wrong player? How many shots ended up missing the action or the player?

I think the CFL should shift the Saturday games to TSN until CBC ends their ridiculous lockout. CBC isn't capable of providing decent coverage of the games, and now they've proved it twice.

I didn't mind the silent treatment. I thought the Taylor field annoucer did a good job. The in house commercials were interesting ( $100. collision repairs after each sack....loved it) What I didn't like was the player profiles. I don't need to know that he's 6 foot tall weighing 250 pounds, tell me how many receptions, made or carries for yards or QB pass completions / attempts. The player profiles lacked a lot.

On a positive note, Chris Walby didn't make any mistakes last night, so that was refreshing.

I guess they only showed the game in Canada last night. I came home from the hospital thinking I could watch it and to my surprise NONE of the american networks that have been showing games all year decided to show last nights game. I don't know why this happened but I hope it does not continue. :evil:

was it my imagination or did TSN. try to do a CBC. type broadcast at the beginning of the last Edm. / Mont. game....no sound at the start of that game....they must have been plugged into the CBC. sound system....I could hardly hear Cuthbert or Suitor....looks like they try to butcher the CFL. broadcasts every which way...anyhow I don't things could get much worse...this strike is got to end sometime.... :o

I'm watching the game on delayed on CSNC and the broadcaster I assume are Americans since every 5 seconds I have to here how the game is different then the NFL. I missed the start of the game so not sure who they are. Funny the one guy has a issues trying to say Saskatchewan.

No the Edm-Mtl game had audio problem that took a few minutes to fix.

thought that it was much better this time.

I do too. The anouncer was better this time. I guess he had more time to get ready for it.

And it seems the graphics were better as well.

CBC should give all the games to TSN as long as the stay on strike. I think it sucks that the Battle of Alberta is going to be another mute production of the CBC while the Eastern games are being taken over by TSN. At the very least the CFL should demand that a sports radio feed be provided as play by play. Don’t ask…demand. Enough of this bull___t.

Yes the Saskatchewan PA guy did a much better job and deserves credit, but this is a professional sports league and CBC signed a contract to provide a full package. Not piggy back on the PA announcers feed.

I like that idea about the radio feed. Every city has radio broadcasts of it games so why not use them?

On the other hand Quebec and one other province has antiscab laws so that might come into effect for Mtl and one other team's home games.

Finally its a lock out not a strike, there is a difference

I know TSN is stretched out for the long weekend games as it is, but again...why should the Battle of Alberta settle for less of a TV package than it's eastern counterparts. Bring in the radio feed and don't be surprised if it has more zing than the regular play by play we've been accustomed to.

If you're reading this Commissioner please step up and make it so. I haven't read the contract but surely there is a conflict of interest here between what the CFL and the CBC agreed to as a TV package.

i personaly like the games with no play by play.... and with the exception of 2 or 3 plays where the camera man was WAY off i think it was better than last week... could hear the stadium announcer better this time... and he told us everything we needed to know... who caught the pass... how many yards... how long the punt and return was.. ect.. only difference between him and play by play is he's not saying it during the play... and of course no colour... but half of what they say is meaningless banter to fill what would otherwise be dead air...

all in all... i hope they keep it this way (with the exception of maybe the post season)... i like it

They can't give the games to other stations.......TSN's workers don't want to be seen as , SCABS........otherwise, it would have been done already.

No Don Cherry!!!!!!!!!!

There was a story in one of the Toronto papers a few weeks ago where Grapes said he didnt even know he was part of the union that's currently being locked out by CBC. Whether or not this will mean he'll cross the picket lines come October 5 (or 8, depending on the first HNIC broadcast) is yet to be seen, but it will mean a major brew-ha ha if the lockout lasts that long.

First the lost of last season, the curling fiasco, now this? Sounds like the Mother Corp. is doing its best impression of the Titanic, complete with an archived Celine Dion special.

How is the lock out , the CBC's fault.? Yes, they did lock them out , but they wouldn't of have to if people didn't lobby the government to lower the CBC's budget. Some people think that the CBC is a waste of tax people's money. [I don't]

Nothing in life , is free.

That curling thing was 1 time and they underesitmated how many people would actually watch CURLING.

The CBC's football T.V. ratings have never been better with out their OWN com.

1 game could be a fluke , but 2 games? And they will have great ratings for the CALGARY/EDMONTON game,as well.

That will be 3 CFL games with their highest T.V. ratings , ever. AND this could continue into the HOCKEY season.

If this continues they will have NO motivation to pay the big money to their own com.

And they can still make money charging the advertisers even more money.