CBCHd feed or the game

What was more frustrating. The CBCHD feed or the disorganization of the Cats. Did anyone else notice how the feed was very shakey and the sound kept kicking out? I find it happening on HNIC also.
I’m beginning to lose my faith in CBC sports. I’m glad TSN is going to have more games next year. As far as HNIC goes I love tradition but show some quality pictures please.

Ya, my feed had a shadow ,I thought oh cool ...back to the sixties shadow ...maybe we'll get some vintage Football....Garney Henley !OK I'll take a shadow.

being an hd junkie,i find myself watching shows i'd never watch before. i find cbc's "hd" to be absolutely pitiful. switching from yesterdays game to college football was nite and day. this wasnt just a one time occurence,its the same for all broadcasts by them.the nbc,tsn hockey also blows away the cbc picture quality. thank god this is the last year for this inferior product.

CBC HD is Awfull Watch Fox or TSN you'll a Diffrence

CBC's HD ON MY TV WAS CRAP!! IT LOOKS LIKE SHIT, i went down and watched it on my reg cable tv becuz it gave me a headache watching blotches of colour run around.