I dont know about you guys.. but i am really starting to enjoy announcerless broadcasts.. an almost live type experience.

I even laughed at one fan's comments caught off one of the Mics.."Hey Ray your scared" ok ok so Ray got the last laugh

Even the wife commented she enjoyed it much better....... I think everyone should be given the option of using a switch that deletes commentary from the broadcast .

Just Think!! next time Chris Walby says - I am sure that play was.....CLICK!...oooo i like that.

The only real annoying thing on Todays broadcast ...was some announcer pleading everyone to make noise :roll:

long as they keep the volume turned up on the on-field announcer...I could get used to it....

I want Walby back!

[b]Me too. I'm actually beginning to realize just how annoying the commentators are. They could hype a convert. I don'r really mind that the PA guy tells the crowd to make noise....they all do. And besides it's home field, right? You would have to listen to it anyway if you were there. Hey if this continiues I gotta get the biggest screened TV possible and put a bleacher in my living room. Mmm,..maybe I can even get my girlfriend to cheerlead by the hallway. While she's at it she could also shout "beer here" and bring me some cold ones. Ah..maybe that's pushing my luck.

As long as they keep improving the on field ambience with better audio and camera angles etc. I can live with it. It's a nice break from...."I talked with blah blah blah before the game and he said Lief...blah blah blah."[/b]

For the record I say “Me Too” to Papazoola’s post not KK’s. You slipped that one in KK while I was responding to Papa.

I like the suggestion of being able to turn the announcers on and off - don't know how they would do it, but it would be interesting. Sometimes they have some good stuff to say, but sometimes not. I guess the cheap man's way is the "mute" button, but then you lose the crowd and game noise. I'm curious if the numbers will go up or down when the commentators are back!

You’re right…if we could mute the announcer and keep the crowd noise it would be great. I would maybe turn on sports radio commentary for play by play which is often more exciting to listen to. That compared with the live crowd noise would be great. Ever notice how radio seems to add excitement, yet TV commentary gives less. My theory is that Radio announcers have to tell us what is actually going on…TV announcers have to tell us what they think is going on in their opion. Which is every friggin play.

I hate having no commentary. It makes the CFL game look bad to someone from other countries watching it. I could imagine an american tuning around the sports channels, coming upon this and being like, "What kind of crap Canadian league is this? No commentary?" The camera angles are crap, and I really miss the pre-game show.

Yeah maybe it's all just a novelty. You're right about the Television package being inferior and looking kind of bush to those tuning in who don't know what the situation is because of the CBC strike. Good point taken EsksTMac.

Personally, I'm eager to get the announcers back. Today's game in Calgary bored me so much all through the first three quarters that I got up and worked around the house instead of staying in front of the TV as originally planned. I thought the commentators might have had something interesting to say, which would have entertained me while the Stamps were dropping balls everywhere...

The 4th quarter was okay.

Dont get me wrong... I said I enjoyed it.. but I agree it would get tiring fast...but really... sometimes it would be nice to have a switch just for Walby,Rod & Leif.

I like it without play-by-play. I don't have play-by-play when I attend the game, and I'd rather go see a game live than watch it on TV any day.

If the camera work was improved and there was a little bit of a pregame, postgame, and a halftime show, I would choose to watch that over ANY TV football broadcast I've ever seen.

As long as the T.V. ratings rock......this should continue.

Why do it get the feeling that this is going to be just like the time the Al's got kicked out of the Big O???

I would be missing the announcers if it were ANYONE but Mark "boring as a post " Lee andd Chris "dumber than a post" Walby

No not every field does it. Taylor Field has never had a problem creating noise on its own, or at most at the prodding of a Gopher we call Gainer. I think its a disgrace that announcers have to prod the fans.

As for the announcer less games. I could go either way. I can't say I miss Walby, but I do miss some of tthe anlysis.

I wrote TSN and CBC a couple of years back asking them to do a better job of micing the crowd and the players. I thinkg TSN followed up with ‘Sounds of the Game’. Its great to hear a lot of stadium noise. I think it adds to the excitement. I agree that too much comentator chatter doesn’t add to the viewing experience.

EXCELLENT.......well done.....letter writing does work sometimes.

Looks like the ratings rock, with a high of 584,000. Every week in the three games, they have grown. This is similar to what happened with the Als when they stumbled upon Molson Stadium because of U2? Even after the strike is over, will the CBC continue these telecasts in some sort of a modified version?

and do we know the CBC'S ratings for the CAL/EDMONTON game? Or was that them? THANKS.