CBC was a joke

It was bad enough that the Cats played really bad but to listen to the negitive talk from the CBC announcers drove me nuts.They put down Hamilton everytime they had a chance. We had this discussion for the last couple of years, CBC needs to get rid of Chris Walby.

TSN should call all the CFL games and CBC should stick with Hockey and the Olympics only.

If your wondering why I dont listen to 900 CHML and turn the TV down its beacuse I cant pick up a clear reception and the web cast is delayed to much.

...last year for CBC. 2008 all TSN....

Can you blame them for talking crap about our team? Besides... half the Ticats fans probably tuned out after the first half so they only had the Stamps fans to listen! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you hate hearing the truth. The Cats were miserable Saturday night and there is no use candy coating it

I thought CBC did a GREAT pre game show.

Their comments during the game were pretty accurate. They did miss a few calls as usual though. The short segement they had with Dave BENEFIELD was really good. The mic'd up portion I can go without.

You thought Chris Walby is hard on the Cats?
Have you ever seen a TSN game where Leif Petterson has done the broadcast...now there is a guy who is hard on the Cats...even if they are winning.

BTW - I must have missed something. Where is Darren?

He respectfully declined an offer to return this year.


in my mind , cbc has always done a pretty pathetic job when compared to TSN. Like, how many times does walby say the same bloody things!

As a CFL fan in the States, I dread the loss of CBC coverage. Whether it's good or bad, it's the only thing I can get here in metro Windsor (ok, the Detroit area). I've actually picked up CHML on occasion, but it's really tough. At least they webcast the games, but if I'm not home, I can't listen, and paying to watch the games on the computer is definitely not going to happen here (at least until that's the only way I can get it).

I thought is was kind of fun hearing Jesse called by his father's name the first time, but a pro should do better by his game preparation.


Thank god .. Now if only the Goverment would stop Funding the useless CBC.. it would go away.

Goverment has no place on Public Airwaves..

I thought is was kind of fun hearing Jesse called by his father's name the _first_ time, but a pro should do better by his game preparation

haha, yeah ive noticed that alot, walby and the other guy (cant remember his name at the moment) are always calling players by the wrong name!

Wasnt that Mark Lee doing the play by the play ?? He really really hates the Cats for some reason . He is so bloody obvious about it that it almost makes you laugh . He`s the worst announcer we have doing CFL games !!!!

CBC Radio3 is the best radio station there is.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SIMPSONS EVERY WEEKDAY AT 5!!! LOL And such quality programs as Little Mosque on the Prairie and greatest Canadian invention. Walby is like the CFL's John Madden both about as useless as a chocolate teapot. The type of person the public are just watcing and waiting to see choke on something inedible such as a small automobile.

CBC's intros and the thing where they show all the starters are both better than TSNs shit. CBCs camera work is god awful though.

It would be pretty difficult to say anything positive about the Cats during the last couple of years. :frowning: I just wish the CBS would show the time clock on a continuous basis in their graphics. I was having to guess how long I had to wait so I could turn Saturday’s game off at half time. :x

ya CBC is alright for coverage, but I found it quite funny on the Cat's opening offensive drive.

They had just finished going through the starting lineup for the Cats Offense. Then when they started to analyze the Calgary defense, the cats defensive line pictures popped up!...lol

Let's not dump on the CBC...if it wasn't for them there might not even be a CFL. During the dark days it sure helped to have a public network on your side.
I like their coverage--though, must say, it's not the same without Cuthbert. Look forward to hearing his call on TSN.

And, yeah, they did seem hard on the Cats. That's a good thing. If a team puts up a stinker, I expect it to be called accordingly.