The Ticats suck, we all know that...opps another interception for a TD. What is with the CBC. Why does the CFL give the rights to these hacks. Flutie and Lee are a couple of goons. I love TSN on Friday nights. It's an event. It's time that TSN got a crack at the Grey Cup!

Sorry for the (opps a a fumble and a Toronto recovery) irrelevant rant I'm just bored of talking about this embarrassing team.

The production quality of the HD feed for CBC is worst. As a broadcast partner they need to be contractually obligated to produce a quality product.

On the HD feed today it was nice when the director forgot to flip the switch for the audio commentary for the first 5 minutes of the game. The crowd noise was far more entertaining than listening to Mark Lee.

I even heard some solid forbidden chanting!

Anyone know when the TV contract ends? Does the CBC still buy game rights off of TSN?

The CBC HD production crew is worse than the Ti-Cats. These chumps have to get their union to send them to HD camera calibration school.

In the mean time, the League should consider charging the CBC with liquidated damages for the sub par quality of their HD broadcasts.

I could list a bunch of the junk that makes it to air....such as the bozo that yells "let it go" into the field mike at SkyDome for every punt.

Of course the actual content (Ti-Cat losses) isn't so great either.

um, i'm pretty sure that's the ref

i liked flutie as the colour guy.

horrible on the panel, but as a colour guy he's great. great for assessing each play, and very quick with (generally) the right call.

he might get a little too into it (but as ia fan thats fun to hear, he's like a really big fan up in the booth for us)

that and he seems to take a lot of pleasure in mark lee being wrong (often) which, while slightly unprofessional makes me smile.

The CBC may be on it's last legs. They are about to lose Hockey Night in Canada and if the Conservatives win an majority government they'll put the billion dollar pit out of our misery.

There are actually people at the CBC who want football and hockey off the network. Not artsy enough for them. Boggles my mind.

Ok..time to pipe up! As an employee of CBC (in the news dep't..not sports), I find it absolutely offensive that you can assume to think you know what we want to don't want on our network. First off, sports is EXTREMELY important to the CBC, and although you may not agree that our coverage is up to your standards, do not assume that people here do care about the product. CBC is a "Canadian" network in the truest sence. We actaully PRODUCE Canadian content and don't just buy American shows. It is NOT a money maker but it does develop home grown talent. Sound familiar? We here are very concerned that because of the huge amount of money that Bell Globemedia (who own CTV and TSN) are going to throw at the NHL for the rights to HNIC, we may not be able to compete. Did you see how much they bid for the Olympic rights? You have to remember that we are a public crown corp., therefore how do we justify spending that kind of money. I am a CFL fan and am very impressed what TSN has done for the league in the last few years and fully support BOTH networks having as much CFL coverage as possible but please don't assume we don't care. I spend a good part of my luch break talking about what the Ticats need to do to improve with MANY fellow CATS fans who I work with. They are everywhere folks!!!! You may not think the CBC is important to your life...but the recent lockout showed us a LOT of people in this country think otherwise!


Perhaps the CBC should have more pressure on them to turn a profit instead of just being handed almost a Billion Dollars a year from taxpayers (I do think it's important for the CBC to survive but c'mon).....I believe money is spent irresponsibly. There are far too many people on the payroll for instance.

Here is a list of just the "on-air" personalities.

Abbott, Roger Royal Canadian Air Farce
Armitage, Steve CBC Sports
Armitage, Steve World Lacrosse Championships
Arsenault, Adrienne CBC News
Ayed, Nahlah The National
Bell, Douglas The Newsroom
Bernier, Holly Kids' CBC
Bishop-Stall, Shaughnessy The Newsroom
Bjarnason, Dan The National
Blanks, Tim Fashion File
Booth, Kristin The Newsroom
Browning, Kurt Torino 2006: The Olympic Winter Games
Brown, Patrick The National
Buckner, Dianne Venture
Burman, Tony CBC News
Carter, Alex Made in Canada
Champ, Henry CBC News: Morning
Cherry, Don Hockey Night in Canada
Clancy, Natalie The National
Clark, Portia CBC News at Six (Ottawa)
Cole, Bob Hockey Night in Canada
Common, David CBC News
Coombs, Ernie Mr. Dressup
Cooper, Debbie CBC News: Here and Now
Crawford, Gavin This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Critch, Mark This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Crowe, Jonathan CBC News: Here and Now
Darabi, Gelareh Street Cents
Davidson, John CBC Sports
Dirks, Doug CBC News at Six (Calgary)
Dixon, Allie Street Cents
Durham, Nancy CBC News
Eastwood, Jayne This is Wonderland
Erickson, Krista CBC News at Six (Manitoba)
Ferguson, Don Royal Canadian Air Farce
Findlay, Gillian the fifth estate
Finkleman, Ken The Newsroom
Flutie, Darren CFL on CBC
Forestell, Harry 2004: A Year in Canada
Forestell, Harry CBC News: Morning
Frers, Greg CFL on CBC
Friedman, Elliotte CFL on CBC
Friedman, Elliotte CFL on CBC Pre Game Show
Friedman, Elliotte Hockey Night in Canada
Gardener, Micah John Edgemont
Gartner, Hana the fifth estate
Ghomeshi, Jian >play Goes to the Movies
Ghomeshi, Jian Canadian, SO?
Ghomeshi, Jian Making It Count
Ghomeshi, Jian The National Playlist
Ghomeshi, Jian >play
Goy, Luba Royal Canadian Air Farce
Graham, Laurie The National
Gray, David CBC News: Today
Green, Janet-Laine This is Wonderland
Grewar, Colin The Afternoon Edition (Saskatchewan)
Gross, Paul H20
Halton, David The National
Hanomansing, Ian askCBC
Hanomansing, Ian CBC News: Canada Now
Hanomansing, Ian Foreign Assignment
Hanomansing, Ian Hemispheres
Harrington, Tom CBC News: Canada Now
Harrington, Tom The National
Healey, Michael This is Wonderland
Heaney, Geraldine Torino 2006: The Olympic Winter Games
Hines, Karen The Newsroom
Hiscox, Heather CBC News: Morning
Holmes, Jessica Royal Canadian Air Farce
Hrudey, Kelly Hockey Night in Canada
Irvin, Dick Hockey Night in Canada
Irving, Brenda CBC Sports
Johnson, Erica Marketplace
Jones, Cathy This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Jones, Colleen CBC News: Morning
Jones, Daryn Rick Mercer's Monday Report
Jordan, Peter It's a Living
Joseph, Clifton Marketplace
Keleghan, Peter The Newsroom
Kelley, Mark The National
Kelley, Mark Torino 2006: The Olympic Winter Games
King, Vanessa Edgemont
Koksal, Nil CBC News: Morning
Kreuk, Kristin Edgemont
Lagogianes, Jim CBC News at Six (Windsor)
Lawand, Christina The National
Lee, Jeannie CBC News: Canada Now
Lee, Jeannie The Money Show
Lee, Mark CBC Sports
Leibel, Terry CBC Sports
Lett, Dan Made in Canada
Lima-Coelho, Ken CBC News: Today
Lind, Sarah Edgemont
Ludwick, Terry Torino 2006: The Olympic Winter Games
Macarenko, Gloria CBC News: Canada Now
MacDonald, Anne-Marie Life and Times
Macdonald, Neil CBC News
MacIntyre, Linden the fifth estate
MacLean, Ron Hockey Night in Canada
MacLeod, Norma Lee CBC News at Six (Nova Scotia)
MacLeod, Norma Lee Maritime Magazine
MacMillan, Ann CBC News
MacNeil, Carole CBC News: Sunday Election Special
MacNeil, Carole CBC News: Sunday
Majumder, Shaun This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Mansbridge, Peter Mansbridge One on One
Mansbridge, Peter The National
Maragos, Costa CBC News at Six (Saskatchewan)
Mathew, Sue Da Vinci's Inquest
McCusker, Joan Torino 2006: The Olympic Winter Games
McGuffin, David CBC News
McKenna, Terence The National
McKeown, Bob the fifth estate
Meharchand, Suhana CBC News: Morning Weekend Edition
Meharchand, Suhana Installation of the New Pope
Meharchand, Suhana Making It Count
Meharchand, Suhana Saturday Report
Mercer, Rick The Rick Mercer Report
Mercer, Rick Rick Mercer's Monday Report
Mesley, Wendy Marketplace
Milewski, Terry The National
Millen, Greg Hockey Night in Canada
Millen, Greg Torino 2006: The Olympic Winter Games
Millington, Sean CFL on CBC
Mochrie, Colin This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Morin, Carol CBC News: Northbeat
Morin, Carol First Voice
Morrison, Scott Hockey Night in Canada
Mukash, Pakesso Maamuitaau
Murphy, Michael This is Wonderland
Murray, Don The National
Nashalik, Rassi CBC News: Igalaaq
Neale, Harry Hockey Night in Canada
Neale, Harry Torino 2006: The Olympic Winter Games
Nep, Elana Edgemont
Newman, Don 2004: The Year in Politics
Newman, Don Canada Votes: The Leaders' Debate (French)
Newman, Don Liberal Policy Convention
Newman, Don Politics
Newman, Don Politics Early Edition
Nichol, Lori Torino 2006: The Olympic Winter Games
O'Brien, Mark Kids' CBC
Oake, Scott Hockey Night in Canada
Ormiston, Susan Inside Media
Ormiston, Susan The National
Park, Grace Edgemont
Pedler, Susan CBC News at Six (Windsor)
Peterson, Eric This is Wonderland
Petricic, Saša The National
Pifko, Cara This is Wonderland
Pinsent, Leah Made in Canada
Pringle, Valerie Canadian Antiques Roadshow
Prinsloo, P.J. Edgemont
Quansah, Joyce Kids' CBC
Rainnie, Bruce CBC News at Six (Prince Edward Island)
Remenda, Drew Hockey Night in Canada
Rhodes, Donnelly Da Vinci's Inquest
Riley, Michael This is Wonderland
Robinson, Carla Absolutely Canadian
Robinson, Jennifer Torino 2006: The Olympic Winter Games
Robson, Lynne The National
Rooney, Tom This is Wonderland
Rostad, Wayne On the Road Again
Roussy, Kas The National
Rowbotham, Rosie The National
Russell, Scott CBC Sports Saturday
Sahay, Vik This is Wonderland
Savory, Eve The National
Sealy-Smith, Alison This is Wonderland
Sehgal, Sarika CBC News
Sharma, Anita CBC News at Six (New Brunswick)
Sheane, Jo Lynn The National
Sherren, Reg Country Canada
Singroy, Amanda The National
Smith, Alison CBC News
Smith, Joanne Moving On
Smith, Steve The Red Green Show
Solomon, Evan CBC News: Sunday Election Special
Solomon, Evan CBC News: Sunday
Solomon, Evan Hot Type
Sorensen, Eric The National
Spicer, Nick CBC News
Stemmle, Brian Torino 2006: The Olympic Winter Games
Stewart, Brian CBC News: Correspondent
Stewart, Brian CBC News: Our World
Stewart, Brian The National
Strange, Sarah The Newsroom
Sullivan, Patty Kids' CBC
Suzuki, David The Nature of Things
Swain, Diana CBC News at Six (Toronto)
Taruc, Marivel CBC News: Morning
Ta, Siu This is Wonderland
Terzo, Venus Da Vinci's Inquest
Thomey, Greg This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Thornhill, Pauline Land and Sea (Newfoundland & Labrador)
Tillman, Eric CFL on CBC Pre Game Show
Torrens, Jackie Made in Canada
Tracey, Ian Da Vinci's Inquest
Uppal, Kush Kids' CBC
Van Dusen, Julie The National
Walby, Chris CFL on CBC
Walsh, Gwynyth Da Vinci's Inquest
Walsh, Mary Hatching, Matching & Dispatching
Walsh, Mary Mary Walsh: Open Book
Walsh, Mary This Hour Has 22 Minutes
Watts, Matt The Newsroom
Wells, Karl CBC News: Here and Now
Westaway, Jennifer CBC News
Wilson, Nancy CBC News: Today
Winslow, Kathryn This is Wonderland
Wisden, Robert Da Vinci's Inquest
Wittman, Don CBC Sports
Wolde-Giorghis, Azeb The National
Wood, Nancy The National
Zamprogna, Dominic Edgemont

Darling Husband and I remember those games during the CBC lockout... WELL DONE!!! Best games CBC ever put on.

We're TSN fans, can you tell?

I think the CBC broadcasts are not all that bad. The panel is a little dull / not really electrifying, but I do like Flutie. And when Flutie does colour, I think he does a great job.

I am too cheap for HD so I can’t comment on the feed quality.

A LOT of Canadians also think the U.S. government planned and executed the 9/11 attacks.

I'd support the CBC if it became a national version of TVO. The market is too well served now and a publicly owned national broadcaster trying to compete with independents is a waste of our tax dollars.

A billion dollars a year would buy a lot of MRI's, text books, and helicopters.

Anyway, the CBC was there before TSN and we should all be grateful for the support it gave our CFL. However, it's time to move on.

…lets see…crown corp = my money /our money.

cheap programing, bad commentary…

Save us all the $$ and bring on TSN baby.
If you can’t compete or raise the bar…get out of the ring of competition.


…the best CBC compilation ever was The Beach combers!

Can we all chip in and buy Mark Lee an Argo jersey with Williams name on the back?

Whos he trying to kid with the shirt and tie? We can all see through it.

They must expect to profit from these deals or they wouldn't be bidding on them.

On that basis, these are the programs that the CBC should go after. Wouldn't that reduce the need for public funding?

Or am I missing something?


CBC does spend a good deal of it's budget on CFL and HNIC but then you get people complaining that we shouldn't be in direct compitition with private networks for professional sports. SO, we spend money broadcasting amateur sports only to have the Olympics giving to CTV who does ZERO amateur sports. No matter how you slice it, we are in a no-win situation. All I know is that my reason for adding to this post was to defend the thought that we don't care about the CFL. That is not true, at least in my opinion. I also just speak for me and not the CBC. We could get into a whole debate about the CBC and whether it is vital to Canada but I'm sure most people who read these forums whould much rather read Mikey's sun is always shining posts!! (by the way, look at how many personalities are duplicated on that list...and also those are hosts from all of Canada..regional AND national shows.)

It's not. Get over yourself. Move on.

TSN they rock. I was very disappointed with Darren Flutie, I know the Toronto game was awful but holy crap dude you played for us. And don't even get me started on Walby.
TSN seems to be a little more forgiving and seem to be actually bias when calling the game. I am not constantly reminded every ten seconds that my team is well you know the word i am thinking of ,,,,SU*(#

We both know that there have been battles going on in the CBC for quite a while now over whether or not sports should be part of the mandate. Of course, the private broadcaster have been even MORE vocal about this and have supported some of the corporate elitists. On the other hands, many in the corporation are proud of the sports Heritage - like you obviously - and want to maintain it.

There is a reason that, over the years, I've lost respect for the CBC and unfortunately it has been in the news and documentary coverage. I'm not identified with a single political view but the CBC coverage is. It's take on geopolitical events is often one-sided and strident.

I also have problems with aspects of the entertainment side which again has divided thw world into it's own version of good guys and bad guys and which consistently attacks people with views outside the CBC box.

This probably isn't you - I don't know your views on many issues OTHER than the 'Cats. However, I sure do know the views of most CBC 'personalities' and I also know that they don't respect mine.

That's why I feel divorced from an entity which I used to hold in great respect and why it has lost what used to be my considerable backing. Sad.