The great news continues for our league as surprisingly this is for the BC-Winnipeg match. While the Esks-Argos drew a somewhat less at 673,000.
When combined and being the regular season it is truly awesome. Any guess what the semi finals, East & West plus Grey Cup will draw. I think only once before has the Grey Cup hit 5M viewers, whose to say we cant do it again.

So the Winnipeg game was 909,000?!? FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Grey Cupp will be 6M+!!!!!!!!!!

this is great...

i know the labour-day argos vs ticats drew 1 250 000
thanksgiving bc vs winnipeg drew 909 000
bc vs eskimos aug 5th drew 800 000
thanksgiving argos vs eskimos 673 000

so i'd imagine the playoffs will get 1 600 000, and the grey cup will get
3 000 000

the way the league is going tho, id expect the grey cup to hit 5 million within 3 years.

LOOK at all the sponsors they have now:

Aqua Velva
National Post
Crown Royal
Scotia Bank
Holiday Inn
Discount car rentals

love those WESTERN CFL fans.......A BIT SURPRIZED BY the other game.

Are you sure that you didn't reverse them. [just joking]

Thanks again, Argotom!!!

Just by comparison sake, a year ago, the CBC audience on T-Giving was 661,000 for BC-Tor and 662,000 for Als-Eskies. Combined the two games and when compared, the increase this year is 20%. It's been a banner year for both TSN and CBC with numbers going sky high. I keep saying how the CFL has been screwed big time for TV rights. I know how TSN did help out quite a bit in the 90's when we were having trouble and we can thank them for starting up and perfecting Friday night football, like Monday night in the No Fun League. But, when will we get current value and demand at least $20M per year when this current contract runs out in 2 years.

ya , thanks, man.

i think the league shouldn't renegotiate YET.....rating will increase again next year...they can renegotiate then and get $25 000 000 + !

and should only make 3 year deals, not 5 year....5 is too long, cuz by the third year of the deal, the value of the contract is different.

what is the current deal worth?....5 year at $??? per year?[/b]

With the networks eventually in a bidding war, agree DG these numbers should continue upward for two more years and hopefully both of us may be on the low side.

whats the current deal?

The current deal is $10M per year, through (I think) 2007 or 2008.

Incidentally, the players CBA expires after this year. Where will the "salary cap" go? (Presently $2.6M).

i say cap it at 4 million per year ( i read an article HINTING that the richer teams are APPROACHING 4 mill, so HARD-cap it there )

this is an article from 2003, talkin about the CURRENT tv deal:


The CFL got a new five-year deal, worth anywhere from $9 million-$12 million per year, and the CBC and TSN got a red-hot property with good ratings. In fact, numbers released yesterday show that 2002 CFL games on the CBC were up 19% from the season before, averaging 450,000 per game, while games on TSN were up even more dramatically, 27%, to an average of 336,000.

what is the 2005 cfl tv ratings average?....thats a good indication of what the NEW deal will be worth.

** i used the numbers from 2003: $12 million at average of 450 000 views
...so if the 2005 average is 600 000 ( i dont know the REAL average ), then the new deal should be worth $16 million per year ( using ratios to calculate ) .

thats why they should WAIT til after the '06 season to renegotiate....but the ratings will be even higher, and the deal will be worth EVEN MORE

I believe its 5 years at $9M per. Agree how a 5 year deal in hindsight for the league may not have been now a wise move. But, I suppose the league was worried about guarantee money and wanted to lock in. Maybe under the circumstance, you would think how TSN would attempt to renegotiate a new long term deal? Starting at a reduced figure for the first two, say around $15M then escalating to $25M for the last three. If we were to get this type of money, maybe signing another 5 year deal would well be woirth it.

I believe that you should add a curve to the CBC games because of the lockout, that could have driven potential fans away.

Well we know for a fact, see previous posting, how TSN is averaging 390,000 after 41 games. As for CBC their numbers are also up significantly. But, I believe when CFL sold the rights, it was to TSN alone and in turn would sell the portion to the CBC including the cash grab, Grey Cup. I think the league should package their own deal in the future to involve multiple players. So that all of the games can be shown, in effect a bidding war between who wants to buy what portion of the pie.

so do u know what the average rating for 2005 is so far??

You can apply to be their rep. at the new contract talks coming up. :wink:

I agree , next time they should get more money. :smiley:

Quote by DRUMMING_GOD, october 11th.

"i say 1 000 000 for the argos and 900 000 for winnipeg.
thanks for the info...look foward to your post tomorrow."

i was off on the rating prediction for the argos, but almost BANG ON for the winnipeg game!

Yeah, that's weird. I'd expect the argos to get better ratings than the Bombers. Still pretty good. While we're on the subject of average TV ratings, does anyone have the average 2005 attendance per team? I've been trying to find it for ages.