CBC..Top 25 most influential - in Canadian sports 2009

.....this list is from CBC Sports executives, producers, broadcasters and writers

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/story/2009/12/27/furlong-mostinfluential.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/story/2009/12/ ... ntial.html[/url]
  1. John Furlong, CEO of Vancouver (Olympic) Organizing Committee

  2. Sidney Crosby, captain of Pittsburgh Penguins

  3. Steve Yzerman, executive director of Canadian men's Olympic hockey team

  4. Mark Cohon, Canadian Football League commissioner

  5. Don Cherry, Hockey Night in Canada commentator

  6. Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of Research in Motion Ltd.

  7. (tie) Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns guard

  8. (tie) Brian Burke, Toronto Maple Leafs president and GM

  9. (tie) Larry Tanenbaum, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment chairman

  10. Bob Nicholson, Hockey Canada president

  11. Chris Rudge, CEO of Canadian Olympic Committee

  12. David Braley, businessman, philanthropist, owner of B.C. Lions

  13. Wayne Gretzky, underemployed

  14. Colin Campbell, NHL's senior vice-president, director of hockey operations

  15. Cathy Priestner-Allinger, executive VP, sport and games operations, VANOC ("Deerhunter" note ~ Cathy is the cousin of former Tiger-Cat John Priestner)

  16. Dr. Johann Olav Koss, CEO of Right to Play

  17. Dr. Roger Jackson, chief executive officer, Own the Podium

  18. Keith Pelley, president, Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium

  19. (tie) Richard Peddie, CEO and president, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

  20. (tie) Mark Messier, special assistant, New York Rangers

  21. Georges St. Pierre, welterweight champion, UFC

  22. Ron McLean, host, Hockey Night in Canada

  23. Marcel Aubut, president, Canadian Olympic Committee

  24. Christine Nesbitt, Canadian long track speed skater

  25. Jean Dupré, director general, Speed Skating Canada

"Deerhunter" note:

Do you agree with this list?........anyone they forgot?

I'm surprised Davis Peterson didn't make the list for heading the Toronto Pan Am Games bid team. As much as I'm not a great admirer of the man, he did do a pretty good job much to my surprise.....I'll eat crow and give credit where credit is due. :cowboy:

David Braley (B.C. Lions)and Brian Williams (CBC and TSN) come to mind

Braley is #12 on that list.

Sorry Miller, missed it

Crosby #2? What? How is he influential? He gets paid to play the game. Does commercials only for Reebok and Tim Hortons. Very private guy.

A guy like Braley is way more influential that Crosby.

Crosby sells big though. His influence is probably bigger in the US though where they need superstar like faces to connect with hockey, here it doesn't matter since hockey is the no. 1 sport anyway for the most part.

I'd argue that Jim Balsillie has no influence...

Zontar note: Who the heck is Davis Peterson ?

lol....that's actually a good point. :lol:

Actually it's a ridiculous point, mikey.
How many people in Canada have the money and the power to send the entire NHL's board of directors into emergency meetings and have the league dragged to court more than once. One man did this.

I'd agree that Crosby is a strange pick when someone like the late Dr. Gene Sutton gets overlooked: (and her work was definately important in 2009 as well as the past)

[url=http://www.olympic.ca/en/news/canadian-olympic-family-mourns-passing-dr-gene-sutton/]http://www.olympic.ca/en/news/canadian- ... ne-sutton/[/url]

"was instrumental in leading the Golden Horseshoe’s efforts around the 2015 Pan American Games bid and led the charge in areas of Olympic education and academies as Chair of the Canadian Olympic Academy."

Crosby isnt a strange pick at all, mikey. He's arguably the biggest superstar in Canada's most popular and media-dominant sport. By gravity alone he's influential.

It's pretty much all hockey people. Very short sighted rankings. There are other sports..

I like "smoke9"s pick of Brian Williams. Like the guy or not, he's a good investigative journalist (if I can use that term)and isn't afraid to dig behind the scenes and confront touchy, controversial or sensitive sports topics. I've always enjoyed the way he does interviews and how he asks the tough questions and confronts the tough issues. He certainly isn't afraid to ruffle some feathers at times.

Brian Williams is a TV show host and interviewer , mikey, not a journalist.
He's good and probably has the respect of his peers in his industry but has little influence in CDN sports in general.

Mike Weir has changed the game of golf in Canada. Perhaps not in 2009 however id argue that the galleries that followed him around the Canadian Open and Tournaments in Florida makes him quite relevant.

Regardless, its a hockey list and typical Canadian hockey media garbage.

Crosby at #2 had my scratching my head thinking ok here we go... kid gets way more credit than he deserves at the moment but whatever ... so yup here we go ....

when it came to balsillie ... ya i had to stop reading and gave up ....

how is he INFLUENTIAL ?

sorry at that point was just a joke of a list .... most lists like this weather it be sports or music or anything is just a popularity contest at the moment ...

not worth anyones time

apart from the pittsburg area ... most americans don't care about him

journalism n. The collecting, writing, editing, and presenting of news or news articles in newspapers and magazines and in radio and television.

What the skiing conditions in Nagano are or what Mark Cohon feels about the NFL in Toronto might be information but it aint “news”.