CBC to Lose CFL?

The Globe&Mail is reporting that GLobemedia, owners of TSN and CTV are close to reaching a deal with the CFL for $15 million a season for the broadcasting rights of CFL games. (I thought they'd get a little more. The current deal is for about 10 a year).

What the heck is going on with the CBC? Who did Nancy Lee sleep with to get and then keep her job? (since quit); Apparently HNIC is soon to follow.

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A new television agreement between the Canadian Football League and Bell Globemedia could put the boot to the CBC and end the tradition of Canadians watching the Grey Cup on the public network.

Sources confirmed Wednesday that the CFL is close to reaching a TV deal with TSN and perhaps also CTV, both of which are owned by Globemedia.

Phil King, the president of TSN, refused to comment on a new rights deal, believed to be worth about $15-million annually.

A source close to the league said Globemedia has "bid aggressively for the entire CFL package," but insisted the agreement falls short of being made final.

"Anything can happen in a rights deal," he said. "All I can tell you is that the league's board of governors has not approved anything yet."

Others said Wednesday the Globemedia deal is almost certain to get a thumbs up from the CFL owners. An announcement could be made in the next two weeks.

CFL games and the Grey Cup started airing on the CBC in 1952, but Johnny Esaw, the former head of sports for CTV, says there was a break in the string of Grey Cup telecasts on the CBC.

In 1962, Esaw grabbed football rights for CTV.

A CBC.ca web page states then-Prime Minister John Diefenbaker intervened, insisting CTV, which had limited distribution, share coverage with the CBC. However, according to the website, Diefenbaker's intervention "went for naught."

That's Esaw's recollection as well. For a while, both CTV and CBC televised the championship game.

The new TV contract, which would start in 2008, would keep CFL games on TSN, with Friday continuing to be the main football night.

The participation of CTV isn't clear.

Globemedia, which also owns The Globe and Mail, would have the option of selling CFL games and perhaps even the Grey Cup to the CBC.

A spokesperson for the CBC refused to comment.

In 2003, TSN became the CFL's master licensee by acquiring cable and broadcast rights in a five-year deal worth about $10-million annually.

The CBC's regular-season package is made up of Saturday night games during the summer, followed by weekend afternoon games in the fall.

Getting shut out of the new CFL rights deal would be a blow to the CBC, which is also competing against Globemedia for National Hockey League rights.

In addition to television, Globemedia's CFL deal would involve Internet and mobile phone rights

good.. CBC did a horrible job with the CFL. Walby is a moron. and Khari is terrible as well. nevermind the HD quality and camera work looks like something from the 80s. Replays - what are those? Slow motion?

HNIC is the only respectable thing on CBC. Personally, I can't see CBC ever letting go of HNIC .. if they do - it'll be the last time I ever watch CBC.


Mark this day.....for the first time ever, I do believe I completely agree with everything StatiK76 said here. :wink:

Statik's and my record remains intact!

what about global t.v. why don't they put CFL games on

I agree with statik too!

The best part is:

No more Walby.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

(Sportsmen is doing cartwheels in the living room floor)

I hope the deal goes through. TSN has done a pretty good job promoting the CFL. Friday night football is great, although the 10:00 games from Vancouver are tough to stay up for my sleepy Eastern time zone eyes.

I just hope that if GlobeMedia ever takes the NHL away from the CBC, they take Cherry and McLean as well. Those two are the only reason I turn the game on at all. Until the playoffs that is.

The new TV contract, which would start in 2008, would keep CFL games on TSN, with Friday continuing to be the main football night.

The participation of CTV isn't clear.

Globemedia, which also owns The Globe and Mail, would have the option of selling CFL games and perhaps even the Grey Cup to the CBC.

well, all this talk about 'nomore walby' might MIGHT be premature.

as for CFL on CTV, lets hope they get the playoffs and greycup aswell as one CFL game per week.

I like the fact and is no real surprise that TSN/CTV combo would get the rights.
What is sad though is the paltry $15M per year if true. I would have thought a minimum $20M, would have started the negotiations and especially since Global pays that much for the crappy NFL rights which do not bring in anywhere close to the CFL TV audience.
A sad day again, where the CFL under values its product.

i agree....$15 million is under selling yourself CFL.

I suppose what this also means regardless of the amount, is the league may not want to expand as the pie for each of the eight teams will be that much less when team(s) are added. Unless and hopefully there will be a provision for increase in TV rights if expansion occurs.

Global apparantly outbid TSN for the last TV contract, but the CFL wanted to stick with TSN, and probably the same is true now. They want TSN and Friday Night Football. $15 million is only speculation, but that would still be a 60% increase over this season.

Despite the NFL ratings being much lower than the CFL, they can charge more for ads for the NFL than the CFL. The NFL has a "big-league" reputation which impresses Canadian companies who will pay more for fewer viewers than they would if they supported the CFL...who's imageis a bit sketchy, but is improving with TSN increasing ad rates by 300% over the past five years.

That is all the more reason the league should hold out for more $ from TSN. After all the old contract still has a year to run.

if it is only $15 million per season, then i hope its a short term deal...like 2 seasons....so they can renegotiate a better deal quickly after adding ottawa

Ottawa and Halifax hopefully, which will increase the TV numbers even more. A short term deal is the only way to go if it is this low number.
I still do not understand why the market place with Sportsnet, Global and CBC did not bring the $20M+.

Right on. TSN’s CFL coverage is much better than CBC’s. More Schultzie and Dunigan.

I hate CBC Good Ridance..
Remember the CBC Stike and No Annoucers..

It waist of Tax Payers money the CBC IS.
I say Close it down..

The CBC is our national station that unites all of Canada..
When you put down the CBC...your knocking our country..
Plus the CBC's game production is friendly to the ears..
The crack addicts on the TSN panel, should watch the CFL
They just might... pick up something..

I think the most important question here is, will the CBC show re-runs of Degrassi Jr.High in place of CFL games? :lol: