CBC , to Continue silent broadcast , B.C @ SASK!

Commentators or not. I’m a fan of the game. I just watch the game and don’t really even pay attention to the commentators. Commentators are good for the game when it’s a new fan or someone who hasn’t really followed the CFL and wants to learn about the game. Sometimes the little tidbits about the players and teams are nice to know.

you will be on NATIONAL, T.V.

I'm with you on that Lionbacker...Commentators are helpful in places, but not necessary to the hardcore fans.

Just curious though...As CBC is going through with the silent broadcast this week, what happens next weekend for the Labour Day games? Those are showcase games for the league and I really don't think they'd want those shown in silence.

Just like those good ol’ Charlie Chaplin movies.

the B.C. @ SASK..........game is ON the CBC...........and they wouldn't dare not show, the LABOUR DAY day...............those get huge ratings.

Should be interesting after last weeks game where there was no broadcasters. It was intering to watch, but with know commentary very dull.
I hope this labour despute, ends soon.

looks like I am going to have to fire up a dube for this one, again. See, there is plenty of upside to the lock out.

I don't mind the commentary but watching a silenced game, it just doesn't feel right. I like Chris Cuthbert though. Don't know why

I tried using the Toronto and Edmonton sports Radio stations for the play by play. That lasted about 2 minutes because with the delay they were always a play behind what was on the tube.

I like the game with commentators and would rather not listen to the home field PA announcer getting excited after every good play the home team makes.

Yeah I here ya we got the best radio coverage in the league.

I want to see how and if they improve things.

Argo CEO, KEITH PELLEY, is in charge of this game on T.V.

IMO Chris has been a great addition to hte TSN team.....WTF is the CBC thinking.

About money..................and the CBC is in more homes in CANADA , than TSN is.

For the last game.........the ratings went up by 30,000 over the season average.

That could have also been because of the importance of the game............?

With the whole satilite thing.....how much longer does" the peoples network" think it will be top dog. Just about everywhere can get satilite reseption.

YA but its available on satellite
I must have a dozen cbc channels

I thought that the CBC owns the rights to the games, that they show.

That is why they get to show the play offs and the GREY CUP and TSN doesn’t.

And TSN also has a union and by doing the CBC games on TSN…It could be seem as lack of support for the CBC strike by TSN’S workers…couldn’t it.?

If KEITH , is involved this time…things should improve because he knows how it is done. Nothing wrong with that. :wink: :smiley:

Not gonna be silent in the US, the CFL is bring in two guys who I think know nothing abou the game into the mix.

The CBC has a half page ad in the Saturday Star...........for tonights game.

"EXPERIENCE FOOTBALL, like you are on the 55 yard line"

Those ads are not cheap..............and at least they are trying...........

GO SASKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!