CBC , to Continue silent broadcast , B.C @ SASK!

The CBC will show the B.C. @ SASK............this Saturday with no com.............

Here is the link to the article and it is mostly good news.

Remember that no other T.V. network will take CFL games because they don't want to appear to be, SCABs.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/News/2005/08/23/1185263-cp.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 63-cp.html[/url]

i'm looking forward to another game without the play by play and colour...
also looking forward to the Lions making it to the half way point with a perfect record :smiley:

Sorry, the link to the article WORKS now..................

No broadcasters.
This will suck.
This will be the game of the week.
Just like last week was.
Could you imagine if these guys were on strike all year.
How fun would it be watching the Grey cup.I know it will be like watching last weeks Eskie/Argo game.Same teams,same outcome.

I don't think that , that will happen.

The article says that they have improved things and I am just happy to see this game.

Imagine, if it does continue...........HOCKEY and CFL, fans will be peed.

Announcers are over-rated

Doesnt bother me in the least. Can be a lot less aggravating.

It's better then nothing and I actually like the whole thing without announcers . . . and this time should be better!

That's probably why Millington came out of retirement, they went on stike so he had no money! :stuck_out_tongue:

But the game not being anounced doesn't really bother me cause I will be in the stands watching :smiley:

no....no.....no....this is not good......c'mon CBC. give your head a shake and then give the employees a 'fair' one....I'm getting a little tired of trying to interpert the on-field play as I see it....I need the broadcasting 'gurus; it's just not the same without them.....it's like the old black and white telecasts....somethings not right... :cry:

Well enjoy the game tonight and friday night with the announcers from TSN because come saturday, it will be silent. . .

I along with most cfl fans really don't care. A game on TV is a game on TV.

I'll listen on the radio and watch the TV.

Wow, on the positive... It means Walby will have two games in a row with no mistakes!

I bet Chris Cuthbert is happy he got out of this hell hole before the CFL season started.

Seems very strange that Keith Pelley was ripping the CBC for such an “unacceptable broadcast” on Monday, and is now saying that he expects the CBC will improve things to an acceptable level in just one week?

Something is not right with that…


hellothere, you wrote "
Remember that no other T.V. network will take CFL games because they don’t want to appear to be, SCABs"

I don’t think other networks can be considered scab labour if they were to take over any of these broadcasts. They would be if CBC paid them to provide the coverage, but I can’t see that happening either. TSN/CTV is the rights holder to the games, and you’d have to think that they could exercise the right to protect their property (CFL broadcast rights) by ensuring that the games are broadcast to certain standards, including announcers.

I’m sure this is a big legal mess, so we are left with announcerless games. On the bright side, no Walby!

The best part about having no commentary is that you can tune into 620 CKRM AM and hear Rider play by play. It is way better than Walby's bumbling about hydration, and now that Millington is gone from the panel, it's not worth watching anyway.

I was wishing lastnights game would have been silenced. Talk
about repetitive. Glen Suitor you suck!

hey now, I've heard worse.

I can't stand Peterson and company in Regina. They are so one-sided it's laughable. It's impossible to get an impartial view of the game when it erupts from their mouths. Classic commentary: Someone makes a catch. . .dead silence until the play is over. . .complain about how 'unbelievable' that the play is called back, because there was clearly no infraction on the play. . .gimme a break.

I do appreciate the dedication these ex-players show towards the game. They are giving back to the CFL community. They saw a need to increase the excitment of the CFL across the country. It has helped to have these fan favorites, when they were playing, still be an integral part of the game. They could be doing other things, and making more money somewhere else. Even though we do criticize their performance behind the mic once in a while, we do miss them when they are not there. Props to these gentlemen who stay in Canada and love the CFL, and are working with the media to create a fun, exciting game. Stats have shown in the last 5 years fan awareness has gone up.

Agreed - glad that someone is willing to do the job. That being said, I refuse to listen to them unless there is absolutely no alternative.