CBC thinks KG plays for Winnipeg!

CBC Sports, in this aritcle http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story ... stars.html , has KG playing for Winnipeg :oops:

And the winner is...

The CFL also named the league's best in October on Wednesday.

Offensive player of the month:

Kevin Glenn, Winnipeg

Defensive player of the month:

Justin Hickman, Hamilton

Special teams player of the month:

Jovon Johnson, Winnipeg

Canadian player of the month:

Andy Fantuz, Saskatchewan

exactly why cbc sports no longer has rights to cfl coverage

That is bruuuuutal, just buruuuuuutal. :thdn:

Glenn would still be there if Lefors wasn't such a damn good QB.Nice find Kelly :wink:

i agree with u joe if it wasnt for H.N.I.C. cbc would be nothing course we do do have the national news YEE HAW

Wow, this is the kind of reporting we spend on our hard earned tax dollars on? CBC, its about time you hired someone that knows what they are talking about when it comes to sports in your own back yard.
Doc 8)