cbc the obvious

Any cfl fan knows that a Sask game means wind at Taylor field (or what ever there calling it this year)the start of this game showed a flag flying stiff in the taylor field wind, but do you thing the cbc has said word one about the wind speed or direction.no, 2nd qt and still not a word

What would it change for you??

Are you involved in game strategy for either team??

Never seen anyone care about knowing the windfactor before.

Will that CBC crew except for Millington and Armitage get themselves under control. The melee is being covered way too excessively and the "punches" bu Rasouli wouldn't have hurt a little old lady.

They best gets themeslves composed for the second half as they are sounding more like amateur sports fans than balanced broadcasters. It is embarrassing the wack job they got themselves into.

CBC you just ruined your broadcast and your credibility.

Talk about out of control. Takes some ludes dudes.. You announcers

The punches were still unsportsmanlike conduct. Which is not acceptable. I don't like it when any team gets away with it. It is undisciplined play. I don't like it in hockey and I certainly don't like it in football. Is that the kind of example you want set to our Canadian youth?

I don't like fighting in sport either but the way the CBC went completely over the top in their description of the event was crap!!! Only Armitage and Millington didn't have their undies in a twist. Look at the way they jumped on Millington (the panel) at the half. Way out of all proportion and I am sorry but there were two teams in that altercation not just the Lions. Not a single syllable of criticism was directed toward the Riders. Scott Shultz's behaviour that was shown all over the nation was ridiculous and he too should be called on the carpet for that. That melee or scrum was nothing compared to the fights I just saw in the Canuck - Sharks game where all but two on the ice scrapped it out.

The broadcast crew shut up about after. I think whoever was in charge of the crew must have given them the word to tone it down as they went near hysterical.

you would think they were playing flag football

The biggest joke about CBC is that the pregame started at 3:30 Pacific time, and there was no mention of the Lions until 3:50pm. The first 20 minutes were spent talking about the Riders, their injuries, etc, etc.

Absolutely unacceptable in my opinion.

That is why cbc do not care about the cfl, i heard some excetive on cbc radio radio the other day call the cfl the crumbling football league.

this guy should talk why is there even a cbc radio we pay for his job that is obsolete he should get a job in the real world

I thought I heard at the very begining they said it was 37 kms per hour cause I said to myself that could be a factor

CBC = Crappy

Say what you will, the CBC has been supporting the CFL from the beginning, through thick and thin. I, for one, am sorry that there affiliation with the league is coming to an end.

I disagree. I think CBC has hurt the CFL with this bunch of bush league commentators and color team. Sean Millington and Khari Jones are the only two guys worth watching.

Chris Walby is particularly bad. How does a guy with 3 brain cells and no 'inside voice' get to be a color man? I made this up for the other lions forum, you might find it funny. How loud is Chris Walby?

Ha, ha .. I really enjoyed those post's, those guy's at CBC are a bunch of girlyboy's (except Millington). That little incident was blown way out of purportion, they were just trying to protect the Quarterback from getting mugged by all those green jerseys.It not like some guy took a stick and cranked it to a guy's tempel, or grabbed him from behind and cold-cocked in the head knocking him out then jumping on top of him.Come-on ladies give me a break. Now Tillman's freaking out on everybody and trashing the lions organisation , like he's trying to get a couple suspension's so his riders may have a chance to catch us again.Ha ha sorry dude , you have to beat us in the trenches not the media.

CBC used to be good with Flutie and it is good with Millington and Benefield on their shows as these guys know football.

Those girlymen on the weekend over the melee were over the top all the while ignoring the no call on the Riders for piling on.

I turned the Canucks-Sharks game on after all players but the goalees were tossing punches for quite some time and even the Vancouver sportscasters saying some Lions deserve suspension have not said the same about the Canucks - Sharks brawlers and that was an exhibition game.

I think though the toning down of the histrionics in the second half was due to CBC higher ups telling the broadcast crew to tone it down as it is too much and alienating viewers.

This whole incident is way out of all proportion to what went on and Tillman is a pissant!!!

Millington the worst he cant even talk Benefield the best I hope TSN gets him for next year and Ive been saying forever they need 3 guys in the broadcast booth theres to many dead spots escpecially when the games one sided I also like Frers hes a little to pro stamps though I would like to give it a shot as well.


Its never the Lions fault. Wally pops off about Perry and thats ok. Even if the league later says it was not a penalty. Austin and Tillman go after your players. The league suspends 1. The league fines 2. But its the Riders fault. Yeah right.

Great post retrievil! :lol: :lol: :lol: ROTFLMAO!