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The cbc simply HAS to get rid of steve armitage and the totally hopeless kahari jones. They are without doubt THE worse team EVER in the history of cfl media coverage. If I hear Jones say " So and so says such and such" one more time I will punk! I will throw tv out the window! Please, please Kahari stop using that lame line after each and every play!! It is stupid, meaningless and redundant to the point of distraction. That is just one of many clueless comments you make. He is the worse colour guy ever!

I agree. Armitage sounds like he's having a heart attack every time something happens. 1ST DOWN ESKIMOS! and Khari's a cool guy but he seems to laugh too much. Maybe ro can get some video on here of them.

I like Khari... He actually understands the game, which is more than we can say about some other commentators...

Since the league axed CBC for next year, this seems like a problem that will solve itself.

Then we'll have a dozen "fire Lief Peterson" threads.

I thought Khari did just fine. Steve is a veteran announcer who knows his business.
I'm no fan of the CBC on a whole, but anytime they're showing CFL football I don't care who is annoucing, I love it.
Must be sad to have a critical spirit all your life. :thdn:

miss don wittman

Actually, Tridus, Leif Petterson is gone already. He left, and was replaced by Danny McManus...a giant step up in my opinion.

...Armitage is a CBC icon, no way he's going anywhere...and give Khari some slack, a guy can't just jump in and be spectacular from Day One, it takes time to learn the art....I'd like to see KJ do this for some time because, like someoen said above, he knows his stuff and is a likeable guy....

I don't. He makes Chris Walby look good. Even Curling is too fast for him.

I think Danny Mac isnt the greatest commentator... But he is better than Petterson.

Armitage is a sideline reporter... career sideline reporter. There is no way he should be in the booth. He referred to fumbles as 'picks', and made outlandish and entirely incorrect speculations as to what penalties may have been. The worst was when he interviewed 2004 Grey Cup Outstanding Canadian, Jason Clermont after losing the game and asked,

"Is it a dream come true to be playing in a Grey Cup?", to which Clermont replied with an disgusted look,

"Uh... no it's more like a nightmare."

"Shake & Bake!"

But if someone is terrible it's perfectly fine to say so. I don't think Khari is awful at all (a bit green but he'll get better) but Armitage shouldn't be behind the mic.

Good/poor play-by-play does contribute to the overall package and as a fan it's something that is important to me and probably others.

The CBC is run like most Crown Corporations and Armitage has earned his seniority. That does not necessarily make him a good football play-by-play man, but that matters little with the CBC. If Don Wittman still wanted to do CFL games, he would "bump" Steve back to the "on-call" list.

I would rate Khari and McManus about equal...fair to bad. Stumbling, bumbling with vapid commentary. But Danny is getting better game by game...and Khari has the personality to pull it off.

Most sports announcers learn their craft by doing minor league broadcasts in Quesnel, Medicine Hat or other smalltown Canada...then moving up the food chain when they are successful.

Khari and Danny have to learn on the job how to be an announcer and their growing pains are obvious.

Here is my CFL Announcers five-star ratings:

Cuthpert - 5
Suitor - 4.5
Wells - 4
Flutie - 3.5
Lee - 3
Walby - 3
Black - 2.5
Petterson - 2
Armitage - 2
Jones - 1.5
McManus - 1.5

Ratings of CFL Desk guys:

Schultz - 4
Dunigan - 4
Millington - 3.5
Benefeld - 3
Frers - 3
Climie - 2.5

Rating the CFL Hosts:

Randorf 4
Williams 3.5

That pretty much covers the CFL media, or have I missed anybody??

elliote friedman

I guess you don't remember Pat Marsden and Johnny Esaw. :lol:

It is absolutely impossible to please everyone. It doesn't matter WHO is broadcasting the game, somebody will think they are horrible.

My advice to you is to focus less on what the broadcasters are saying and more on the game. If they rankle that much, turn off the TV sound and turn on broadcast or streaming radio instead.

Chris Cuthbert is great, the best in sports IMO, I don't know why CBC let him go. Why do people hate CBC so much? I hate everyone on TSN except for Chris Cuthbert and Rod Black is OK.

Do we really need colour commentators? Do we really need someone to tell us what just happened, after we saw it with our own eyes, and then saw it again on replay?

Remember when CBC had that lockout and they didn't have any commentary at all? You just heard the crowd, the whistles, and the guy on the stadium PA telling you what down it was and what penalty it was. I loved it! You don't have commentators when you're at a game, why do you need them when you watch it on TV?

worst by far is mark lee
and the best is glen suitor
rod black sux too

I loved that too. In fact in those polls the CFL puts out, I suggested they bring that back on the SAP channel.

And hey you're right, Lief is gone. I didn't even notice, lol.