CBC sucks

Not quite right. CBC has the rights to the playoffs and the Grey Cup based on the agreement that was previously signed. They also touted their double headers and their first ever triple header. There's no way, if TSN has all the rights that they give CBC the playofs and there's no way the league gives CBC the playoffs and then asks TSN to help out by taking the regular season.

This deal was done several years ago and both networks significantly affect the schedule. CBC wanted the tripleheader.

I criticized so it is only fair that I offer kudos. What I saw of the Bomber/Hamilton game, they did well and so far the parts of the BC/Calgary game they are doing a good job of the entire broadcast.

chris walby=brutal
mark lee=robot
cbc camera work=not as good as TSN
whatever. TSN won, and they'll be the only ones airing games next year. No more Marbles Millington. No more Khari.
CBC has a long history of brutal coverage. One need only look at what they did with the Riders-Eskimos game this year for further proof.
Curling had enough of CBC and they're all on TSN now. Can't wait til the same goes for the CFL.

Chewbacca, you also forgot CBC screwed up and blacked out the Entire Province of BC instead of only the Lower Mainland for the Toronto BC game.

CBC = Mickey Mouse!

Actually I saw the BC/Argo game on TV when I was in Ashcroft that day. I don't know why they had the feed but no one else did.

The ultimate low point of course was the Edmonton vs Regina fiasco. This was doubly bad for Eskimo fans because due to the CBC botch job, we were forced to listen the Edmonton radio broadcast. For those fans outside of Edmonton, you have no idea how lucky you are not to have the ever listen to Brian Hall. The man is the worst announcer in sports history and I don't exagerate, he is absolutely brutal. Radio announcers are supposed to paint a picture of what goes on and he paints abstract art.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the 65th birthday party of a gentleman who was once a producer for the CBC, Romey Shewaga, who has a cottage at Last Mountain Lake near where I live. Programmes that were part of his resume encluded the Canadian version of Sesame Street and CFL games from Regina. Although he is living in Saskatchewan in the spring and summer, he is orginally from BC and is an avid Lions fan. He and I will often watch games together in my house because I do not have a wife who will turn on the vacuum cleaner when games are on.

He too notices the mistakes in telecasts and is frustrated with them and occasionally will offer an explanation as to perhaps why... but basically it has to do with out sourcing and purchasing satelite feeds from other companies, all as a result of budget issues and funding cut backs. In short because of changes to the CBC mostly because of budget issues, the corporation is often forced to hire "part-timers" and those who submit the cheapest bids. He also said that the games in Regina are especially noticeable because with a city of less that 200 thousand folks, its tele-communications industry is less sophisicated than say Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. There are no CBC shows produced in Saskatchewan any more other than the local news, which lessens the pool of experitise.

But he also says that a lot of the criticism of the CBC is ideoligical and often arises from people who have "issues" with state ownership of anything...

When I was a child growing up on the farm, although we had to suffer from the Television produced mainly in Yorkton, it was the ONLY television available to us and if it were not for CBC, we would have had no television at all... granted that was 25+ years ago.

Today the need for CBC may have passed in the eyes of many because communications can now reach the most remote of Canadian communities but it was not always the case.

Roar Lions Roar yes you appear to be the only one. I dont like the CBC very much but I do think it still and should always play a part in Canadian television as the same as the CFL does in our football. However if they ever do get any games back in the future they should be produced in a professional manner to some kind of standard ie. TSN . There are a lot of good Canadian shows on CBC maybe I should have said some. Rick Mercer, Air Farce , This hour has 22 minutes etc. By the way all way funnier than SNL or Mad TV.