CBC sucks

this is the most difficult game ive ever had to endure.

these announcers are terrible and the entire broadcast seems LOW budget.

i cant believe ive still got to put up with CBC for 2 more games today...this is gonna be brutal.

It's horrible. Why didn't they just use the radio feed. Also, what's with the camera guy's focus on the face of the QB almost up until the ball is snapped?

Clearly the "C" team is at this game. Fully expect the other two to be done better but i won't see them.(gotta work)

How about when they feel its important to show the Tee after the ball has bee kicked?

I usually stick up for the CBC but its getting harder and harder to do so.

Well, it's true that it's not the best, but at least all the games are televised. I guess CBC got all three games because TSN has the President's Cup all weekend. While it might have been wiser to have one game on Sunday instead, even TSN doesn't have three crews to be in three places on the same day. It beats the days when less than have the games were televised at all??

yes, it does. barely.....but it does.

Maybe they shoud experiment by having no crew at one of the games, as they did during the strike a couple of years back. At least we wouldnt have to listen to an awful crew.... :wink:

Why not just pipe in the radio broadcast. 1 team's the first half and the other team's the second half.

Oh man. Play by play guy just called Fantusz Neil Szarka. I can see confusing the 8 for a 3 from the right angle, but what's this Neil garbage? Oh my this is so bad it's funny. One thing, it makes Walby's team look like genius broadcasters. :slight_smile:

Theres so much wrong with the way the CBC is broadcasting the game how about that guy they had rambling and babbling something about a 3 game losing streak and some other giberish sounding like miss teen south carolina. Oh or how about theyre busy showing profiles of the players while a play is going on. Or focusing on some random part of the field when the ball is thrown into the endzone.

My personal favorite though is when there was an endzone pass to flick and the ball was well overthrown, Flick had no chance at this pass, the CBC announcer call it "just out of the reach of Flick" then they show the replay to show just how close that pass was. They follow flick the entire play and the ball never even appears on the screen

how bout this cheap lookin backdrop of a crowd behind the announcers....makes me shake my head.

the end is near for the cbc!!!!!!

I totally agree. The guy with Frers seemed like he never watched a CFL game before in his life. I think he made the mistake with the #'s, but then took our other fullback" (Neil Hughes) and mixed it with Szarka. Dumb. :roll: On punts there'd be a flag (which was obviously no yards) and he didn't have a clue what it was for! I could probably do a better job than him. :lol:

Remember the days when The CFL fans had to throw their arms up in the air for the CFL to air ALL the CFL games in one season.

Thank goodness those days are gone.

Lets wait and see next year, if TSN will broadcast all games. Or on another weekend when they have President's Cup or Players CHampionship if they drop 2 or 3 games.

I don't know why you guys think that CBC should have perfect coverage on a day where they are broadcasting three games.

TSN is not that much better...

tsn has the alternate feed.
and they can throw games on sportsnet as well
given the ratings the CFL gets, why wouldn't they air every game
TSN is not only that much better, they're a big reason the CFL is alive and kicking today
the CBC used to only come in with their coverage after Labour Day. pathetic.
can't wait til the CBC is gone for good. what a day that will be

I actually like CBC's game presentation more than TSN's. I find their panel more professional, better music, and a more refreshing way of showing the games.

Maybe that's just me.

Agreed. We can’t expect their “C Team” of announcers to be any good in their first game.

I'm not looking for perfect. All I was hoping for was competent. It is clear the CBC didn't put much value in this game and were not prepared to do the job. They wanted the three games on Saturday so they could do the triple header. If you push for something, be prepared to do it right.

Actually BigU, you can blame TSN for leaving the three games for CBC. CBC picked up what TSN didn't want to broadcast.

No really! Your right up with the news thanks Mike!