CBC strike possible

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Thursday, July 7, 2005 - 10:58AM

Byline: Rick Westhead
Source: Toronto Star

Canadian Broadcasting Corp. has contacted three of its sports partners, telling them to brace for the possibility that CBC broadcasts of events may be scuttled as soon as next month because of a percolating labour dispute.

Nancy Lee, CBC’s executive director of English TV sports, yesterday contacted the Canadian Football League, Tennis Canada and the Canada Games to brief the organizations about the public broadcaster’s talks with its union.

The union, representing 5,000 employees at CBC, is scheduled to vote July 13 to 14 on whether to give the union executive a strike mandate, a move that may set the stage for a crippling walkout. If members approve a strike, they could walk off the job as early as mid-August.

CBC spokesperson Jason MacDonald said the calls to the network’s sports partners were “a good-faith move because we have a good business relationship with our partners.”

It’s unclear how much advertising revenue CBC generates from its broadcasts of summer sports.

Besides the CFL, sports broadcasts that could be affected by a work stoppage include the men’s and women’s Rogers Cup tennis tournament, which runs from Aug. 6 to 21; and the Canada Games, from Aug. 6 to 20, an Olympic-style event featuring sports such as field hockey, sailing and track and field.

If the Canadian Media Guild’s members decide to strike, it’s possible the network won’t have enough staff to stage live sports broadcasts. To handle that prospect, the network ultimately may offer other broadcasters, including Rogers Communications Corp.'s Rogers Sportsnet and BCE Inc.'s TSN sports cable channel, the chance to claim CBC’s broadcast rights for as long as the network is embroiled in a work stoppage.

CFL executive Brent Scrimshaw confirmed yesterday CBC’s Lee had contacted the league, and said it will monitor the broadcaster’s labour climate.

Canada Games president and chief executive Sue Hylland said CBC is committed to show 18 hours of coverage of the bi-annual event, which features teams from different Canadian provinces. If the network isn’t able to reach an accord with the union, the event would probably go ahead without any TV coverage, she said.

“I think we’re too late to go out and strike a deal with anyone else.”

Still, the loss of TV coverage wouldn’t mean a drop-off in revenue for the Canada Games. CBC doesn’t pay any rights fee to cover the event or share any of the related advertising revenue.

CBC is suffering after losing advertising revenue from Hockey Night in Canada.

This is a frist for me, who will cover the Grey Cup in Vancouver??? will TSN come in a take over that???

either way, this is bad for the CFL!

The CBC should fold.

Who cares if CBC strikes as long as it doesn’t affect the CFL!

CBC won’t fold. PBS has a better chance of going belly-up than the “Mother Network” will, even if they are taking a big hit from no HNIC and the whole snafu with Scotts and Brier coverage this past year.

If they dont televise the games it will affect the CFL
That is what came to mind when I posted it

CBC covers the Gery Cup in Novenber! if you don’t think this will efect the CFL, your nuts!

TSN should step up.

I hope so, WidZ-RPS!

Me too, and if I were the CBC I think they would too. If I were responsible for Canadians not seeing the Grey Cup on TV I would expect a lot of anger and hostility towards myself.

I know a strike would affect games shown on CBC but hopefully someone else would show the games and let CBC lose out on the games and that’s what I meant by as long as it doesn’t affect the CFL

meh, i prefer TSN over CBC

There’s no way they will go on strike, they’ll get given what they’re asking for.

I agree…they will probably settle…they can’t afford to do this and it is not just the CFL they will lose…There is the STAMPEDE…games in REGINA…and the ROGERS TENNIS CUP…

And who knows…about the NHL season?..they really need that to make money…

If they strike , I am sure that…TSN or SPORTS NET…will take the ratings.

The CBC is not like the NHL , I hope.

I like TSN over CBC too, but it would be a disater to lose them!

Abou “Hockey Night in Canada” do they just show NHL games or every hockey league’s game highlights (ex. AHL and CHL)???

IF the strike lasts that long, I’m sure TSN will do the Grey Cup. The league won’t let the “Gem” of the season go untelivised.

I don’t think TSN can possibly do anymore than they do now. It would almost be poetic justice for the boys at TSN if they got the Grey Cup.

I’m worried about the section in the article that says other Networks, (ie Sportsnet) can pick up games lost by CBC. I watched 1 game on “The Net” last year and it was pretty rough. With big ratings flying around the CFL this year I’m afraid Sportsnet will want to grab those games despite the fact they don’t have the experience or talent to broadcast them.

Once again Nancy Lee is shown to be a moron. Not only is the cfl having some of its highest ratings ever but hockey is most likely coming back in the fall. It is the worst time for her to have labour troubles and yet there she is. Wil someone at CBC fire her already? What an IDIOT!

it ain’t done yet…they would be nuts to strike…and send the NHL into a panic…

Another example of our tax dollars hard at work :frowning: