CBC , staff reach tentative deal...IT'S OVER!

[url=http://jam.canoe.ca/Television/2005/10/03/1245716-cp.html]http://jam.canoe.ca/Television/2005/10/ ... 16-cp.html[/url]

I guess the CBC is important to some Canadians. :smiley:

Probably happened because the NHL starts in a couple of days. CBC knows the importance of the NHL to Canadians.

how about the CFL and in some communities…it is the only T.V. that they get.

I agree…to a point, but like Lionbacker said, Hockey is the big deal and CBC was probably under tremedous pressure to get a deal done.

Not so fast.
An agreement was reached between CBC managament and the union leaders. The members have yet to vote on the deal. Usually if the union leaders agree the members will as well but not always.
Its not a done deal yet.

Great, I still have time to make an addition to the contract:

I’m throwing a roll of duct tape into the contract, for use by Walby over his mouth. God I was enjoying the piece and quiet.

Sorry R01313…couldn’t resist, I know you like Walby…but…couldn’t resist.

I agree , but pressure from who?

I will be interesting to see if the CBC’s CFL’s ratings drop WITH announcers.

My point is that the CBC is important to our culture.

From rural communities , the CFL , and the NHL. Other wise CANADA is just another U.S. STATE.

The CFL is very important to us.

VERY TRUE…but it is looking good at this point.

I would hate to have the THANKS GIVING games with out announcers.

Oh, I don't think the ratings for CFL games will drop. There are some interesting races comming up, if anything they should rise!

It's not that I like Walby, I just don't hate him like most people seem to.
I have what is know in the medical community as selective hearing. I just tune out what I dont want to hear.

I agree…OCTOBER and NOV. are our CANADIAN FOOTBALL months.

OUR fall CLASSICS! :smiley:

hellothere: Are there any other
Fall Classics?

The STATES have baseball…ummmmmmmmmmm NO!

Basaball, eh? Maybe I should rephrase.......Are there any other sports that have Fall Classics THAT MATTER?

Union wins union wins...ro is right the membership hasn't spoken..
I hope they end the dispute , the CBC rock's..

:D :D :D

I can’t stand Walby either…It’s funny how he can make the difference between watching a good game and a bad one.

Seriously though, I know the CBC reaches more people than TSN, but boy do they ever do a crappy job! If a game is on CBC, most times I won’t even watch it because of the bad camera work, and the bad announcers. Oh, and their use of sideline mics to get fans in on the action? Hilarious!

Remember the Grey Cup two years ago in Regina…Esks vs. Montreal? Right at the start when the players were coming onto the field they zoomed in on a VERY fired up Mike Pringle. He was jumping up & down and repeating “All ****ing day! All ****ing day!” over & over. Nothing was beeped out, and they didn’t cut the feed on the mic either. I think the announcers, after an awkward silence, said something like “He seems like he’s ready to play.” I howled!!!

Damn this means George Strombolopolous is now going to be back on. God I hate his preaching to me about pop culture and what he deems important about society in his 75$ Yorkville Ramones T-shirt, like he read about them on the internet or something...

Whether people enjoyed the football with or without announcers, I'm glad there will be play-by-play announcers again. It was insulting to the league to broadcast without it. If football without commentary is so popular, maybe the CFL could bring in a few more dollars with announcer-free pay-per-views?

CBC hasn't proven itself to be any more important to our country than any other Canadian station.

CBC sucks. What a waste of tax $$$.

great to hear the LOCKOUT...is over and we get some verbal colour back in the games.....I just hope the Bombers don't serve up a turkey in their televised game.....I've already eaten enough crow for my guys this year and am getting sick and tired of the bird diet....go Big Blue......oh yeah we also get to see another jersey on our 75th anniversary game.... :shock: Kanga should be happy... 8)