CBC Sports to broadcast 2021 Vanier Cup on Dec. 4 | 3DownNation

Can’t recall but didn’t CBC broadcast the 2019 game as well?
If only U Sports could sell them on a game of the week for the entire season.


That's good news for U Sports and Canadian Football.

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Good to hear. Would be nice if have some coverage of the earlier playoff rounds too. Even if those go on Gem.

U Sports coverage has not been the same since Rogers bought the Score

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Yes, CBC did broadcast the 2019 Cup.

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Good. I'll watch again.

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What a great idea by CIS at the time. Let's go from TSN where they had some visibility to Sportsnet where they were buried by the over the top NHL package. What were they thinking at the time.

Hopefully this deal with the CBC is a step in the right direction.


I'm just shocked that apparently the CBC is starting to pay attention to non-Olympic sports again.

A simple game of the week at the same time every week and using the homecoming or rival game and get U sports to align a schedule that fits the best optimum fans attending in person / watching at home would breed success eventually .


If it could be done 8 weeks of Saturdays at 3 pm

Following home dates .

Carleton /Ottawa Panda game
U of Montreal
St Mary's
U of Saskatchewan
Leave one alternate every year for a different University program end of the schedule maybe a program doing well .

Then schedule playoff game(s) leading up to the Vanier Cup .


Who knows maybe somewhere down the line regaining HNIC and the CFL as well.

Good to see this. It would be good to have CBC broadcast regular season games, too. Canadian university sports (not just football) and CBC is a natural fit, in my view.


Yes, Regular season games would have been nice, however knowing that someone is televising is great.

This is what a public broadcaster should be covering, amateur sports and local entertainment.

A while back in another thread I mentioned an idea to pair a local CFL game weekly with the local university game. In this way maybe CBC and TSN can share broadcast facilities and even announcers on a doubleheader Saturday. Cut down costs and grow the Canadian university game. Could hold the university game at 12 pm and a CFL game at 4 pm. Ticket holders for the CFL game have admission included to the uni game.


Love your idea, keep promoting it until something happens.

The issue with that is that university teams don't always play out of the same field as their CFL teams. UBC (Vancouver), U of A (Edmonton), both Ottawa schools, both Toronto schools, and McMaster (Hamilton) all play on different fields than the CFL team in the same city. If Halifax gets a team, add SMU to that list.

Even if the university game was to be moved to the local CFL field, I don't think that sharing broadcast facilities is that much of a benefit, announcers aren't allowed to be shared if they have exclusivity (the reason why Cuthbert isn't doing CFL this year), and I don't think warmups would work with only 60-90 minutes between the end of the university game and the start of the pro game.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great idea to pair university and professional football in Canada, but I don't think that specific idea is feasible.

We can only dream, keep it Canadian,

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Please no on the CFL on CBC.

They were terrible before, they refused to any games before Labour Day, their announcers were terrible and their broadcast quality was sub par. Oh, and didn't they "forget" to broadcast a large chunk of a game?

The did hockey ok. Everything else, they are the flat out worst.

Logistics would be difficult as you mentioned. Could have the CFL game later at 7 pm. The idea of sharing broadcasting is as much about sharing mobile equipment, camera operators etc, broadcast crews which can’t be cheap, even if the on air personalities aren’t shared. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Mark Lee or Scott Oake call a CFL game once in a while in place of one of the Rodneys. Maybe pair them with the TSN colour guy - Duane Forde would be a natural or maybe Dunigan with his enthusiasm.

Currently there is no USports game of the week, I just thought this might be one way to make it a little more feasible, rather than an entirely separate broadcast and crew that has to go set up at another university location.

I like the game of the week.
They could rotate through the 4 leagues.

Maybe they could do something with Junior Football too. Is the national championship televised?

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If they could feature rivalry games, even better - UofM vs Laval, Carleton-Ottawa, Western vs Mac, U of A vs U Cgy, U Sask vs UR etc. Repeat every year. Try to make as much of a
spectacle out of it as possible.

I’m not aware that the junior football championship has been televised for a long time - maybe it was last done by The Score?