CBC Sports says Argo's will defeat Tiger-Cats.

The following is from CBC Sports on their story about Sunday's Match up, already CBC has dusted off the Tiger-Cats and given the Win to the Argo's, although I totally disagree and think many are in for a surprise in Argo land!

The scales of sports justice have been brought out of the closet, dusted off and calibrated to zero. Placing all the arguments thereon, we (CBC Sports) conclude:

The host Toronto Argonauts (11-7) will defeat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (10-8) in Sunday's East Division final at Rogers Centre and advance to the 101st Grey Cup.

See story here:

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports-content/football/opinion/2013/11/cfl-east-final-ricky-ray-tips-scales-in-torontos-favour.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports-content/footba ... avour.html[/url]

They fail to mention Ray threw his first INT against the Tabbies.

QB vs QB its a wash!

Good thing their opinion means nothing to me. I am sure it doesn’t mean anything to the players either.

"A healthy Ray outweighs anything the Cats can put on the other side of the scale. We won't pick against him anytime in the future until he loses another playoff game."


Wow that is pathetic. They never would have said the same when he was in EDM. It amazes me how all of a sudden he is Jesus now that he plays in Hogtown

I guess CBC missed the game where we beat a RR led Blew team in week 16 and SHOULD have bet them in week 1 too..

Meh, what does CBC know?

yah its nuts.

I do kinda agree with one part of the story though

' Hamilton's defence will do everything it can to get Ray out of the game"
"That means the Cats'll be willing to give up some 15-yard penalties for a few late licks at the Toronto QB. The offensive line has to block like its life depends on it because Ray is playoff life. Watch for a back to stay home all the time to pick up the rush"

i dont like they imply we are dirty but i do want to see Ray's "Manning face" that Simoni Lawrence speaks of.

I like it. Being the underdog makes winning even sweeter.

8 of 9 cfl.ca writers are picking the Argos to win.

Last week, 5 of 9 picked the Alouettes to win.

Are you kidding me.? The CBC actually mentioned the CFL??? Will the wonders ever end.? :wink:

I fully expect us to be the underdog in the 101st Grey Cup as well.

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Who Cares!!!! What CBC says......F'....."EM"!!!!! I luv that there's no luv or respect....EAT "EM" RAW CATS :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

This just shows those Left Wing Pinko Kooks (as Don Cherry calls them) can get it right once in a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let's face it, Ray is the linchpin of their team, as Ray goes, so go the Argos. The only key to winning on Sunday is to shut him down, and early. We can handle their running game, no problem, the accuracy and timing of his passing is what has me worried. If we can blitz often and throw him off, we have a chance. Should be a great classic.

Only an act of GOD can STOP them now!!!!! :roll: :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

I agree in part but I think that they have learned to play more disciplined ball. Seems that they managed to get a few hits on Ray (heard Milanovich refer to it even) in the last game without drawing flags. I don't think that they will be giving up 15 yarders willingly to try to take out Ray. That is not how Austin and Steinauer have coached the team.

The key is to keep Ray out of the game which they seemed to do pretty successfully last time - at least in the first half. Keep the pressure on, get their O off the field quickly and burn the clock like mad with nice long SCORING drives when we have the ball.

Thanks CBC…more BBoard posting for the locker room.

Actually BOBO I was thinking more along the lines of a lightning bolt hitting him. But I’m not adept like some of you guys at making these pix and posting them.

Does anyone know if there is a betting line out of Vegas?

2013 CFL Eastern Final Betting Odds
Over / Under 54
Point Spread Hamilton +4, Toronto-4

Well put....I hoping for a great game and if the Argos do beat us it's going to take everything they have to do it. Our old Cats may surprise everyone with a last second field goal to win it and if they do look out Calgary or maybe Saskatchewan...."On any given Day"...Cheers to all our fans!!