CBC Sports have had discussions with both TSN/CFL on rejoining broadcast fold

Great news!

First Hawaii 5-0, Roseanne, Full House, Magnum PI is coming back, 2 and a half men in the works. Now CFL on CBC?

CFL on CBC could be making a return. Been told that the broadcast partner is wanting back in on the CFL as early as next season and talks with TSN might make it happen.

Not many people realize this as it hasn't been discussed but Rogers informed the CBC they were 100% out of the NHL beginning in 2017. What happened? Rogers knew that their ratings would get hit hard and the broadcast partners and advertisers were not happy.

Thus the reason why the CBC remains the #1 choice for all the big games, playoffs, and Stanley Cup Finals.

CBC does generate revenue as a shared partner with the NHL. They also get $$ from the HNIC name, archive footage,etc.

CBC also made an outstanding amounts of $$$ during the 2018 winter olympics. They have also done extremely well with the amateur sporting events since 2015. in 2017 they made more $$ and their tv ratings were at an all-time high.

They must feel comfortable getting back into professional sports.

Maybe with a 10th team on its way. The CFL can sell off one of its nights to just CBC. And they alternate playoffs/ grey cup.

That would be good news .

CBC is still king for it’s reach within the country .


The OP has made only 5 posts in these forums, and two of them have been some unheard of breaking news reports.

I hope he doesn't get fired by his employer for leaking such secretive information here.

yeah...15th profile now?

This would be a pretty darned big shift considering that 4 years ago they openly stated they would no longer be bidding on professional sports broadcasting rights.

Some wonder why people have low tolerances here.

TSN should do a similar deal as Sportsnet/CBC in the HNIC Saturday timeslot. I don't believe CBC receives any ad revenue from HNIC but is given a couple of 30-second promo spots to promote their programming. There are potentially 100,000's of former CFL viewers on CBC who've been shut out from watching CFL when the league wen't exclusively to cable on TSN.

Ratings of 1 million viewers for a Saturday night 7:00 pm ET CFL simulcast on TSN/CBC would be likely (The Sask game last week drew over 900,000 viewers on TSN alone). This would cost TSN and the CFL virtually nothing but potentially add thousands of additional viewers and new consumers to market CFL advertising.

The TSN/CBC game could run from June until about Oct. 15 when HNIC starts up again. The simulcast CFL game could be moved to Sat. or Sun. afternoon in the late Fall.

TSN could team up with CBC for the Grey Cup too...adding a million or two extra viewers on the over-the-air CBC (similar to TSN and CTV teaming up to broadcast the Super Bowl.)

Forget about a TSN/CTV hookup for the Grey Cup as CTV hates the CFL (but loooooves the NFL, despite their parent company owning the Argos.)



I'm all for this. Mark Lee & Walby are in the bullpen, ready for assignment.

Rod Black just hates this - he's down to 1 game a week without CBC - methinx the first game TSN would kick over to CBC would be Black's game!

CBC gave canadian football a big game feel - TSN, due to inferior equipment, poorly trained directors, writers & camera-men gives it a small arena feel.

Totally different philosophies of broadcasting sports events, particularly stadium events like pro football, track 'n field, etc. Even in hockey (arena sport) the CBC casts were superior to TSN or Sportsnet!

Why do you people continue to feed the trolls?

Sorry folks - this is the work of a returning banned member who for whatever reason compulsively posts made up 'news'.