CBC Roars Back with HOCKEY!!!

O.K. , with the CFL on the CBC getting record T.V. ratings and now hockey , it should be obvious to all , that people do watch the CBC [The National News, AIR FARCE and 22 minutes , are just some other examples.]

And people watch a lot of American programming on the private networks.

THE CBC , is needed for Canadian content.


A couple of facts from my own viewing habits suggest otherwise:

Other than the CFL, the only thing I watch on CBC is the Simpsons -- an American program.

The best Canadian program on TV in my opinion is Corner Gas -- a CTV program. CTV is a private network.

I don't think the CBC is needed for Canadian content.

Agree with BigDave - the only programming I watch on CBC is their sport coverage. For my own personal tastes, I couldn’t be bothered with most of their other programming.

i agree.....i ONLY watch CFL, NHL and Simpsons on CBC

The Simpson's 2 main head writers are Canadian. :wink:

Name another 2 Canadian series on CTV? And how many American shows on CTV?

There are many places in CANADA , that are not next door to the U.S., like you are , that ONLY get the CBC............that is it. :wink:

How about ........THE NATIONAL , AIR FARCE , 22 MINUTS , MONDAY REPORT , THIS IS WONDER LAND....these are just some examples.

The CBC NEWS WORLD , CANADA NOW.....CBC radio 1 and CBC radio 2?

Who would you listen to out side of CANADA....I know, CNN!

I challenge YOU........BIG DAVE. :shock:

Compare the #s of AMERICAN/Canadian programing on GLOBEL and CTV........to the #s CANADIAN/American programming , on the CBC.

WHO , has allot more CANADIAN programming?........the private networks or the CBC? Who has allot more U.S. programming? 8)


the 2 canadian writers for the Simpsons werent writing for the Re-runs CBC shows.....and the simpsons Suck now that the Canadian writers are doing NEW episodes.....new episodes are NOT funny

programing on CBC is an aquired taste...some like it, some dont....i DONT, but i don't wanna see the CBC go under.

They have been there almost from the beginning......when did all those Canadian references start?

From the CFL to RUSH?............ :smiley:

Most like it , as my article shows............ :wink: :smiley:

The CBC creates allot of JOBS , for CANADIAN's ........U.S. programming ................DOES NOT............. :wink:

JUST LIKE..............THE CFL , does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: :smiley:

Government-owned stations like CBC are a waste of money. And no, they are not necessary for this country.

So what if they first aired 22 Minutes, Air Farce, Codco, etc...

Canadian shows like Corner Gas, Kids in the Hall, Trailer Park Boys, SCTV, and Red Green in my opinion are all superior and all got by fine without the CBCs help.

EskJebus hit the nail on the head. Sorry hellothere.