CBC - Riders/Esks game

Exactly. No point watching it now. I would have liked to have been able to see it last night, when it actually mattered...

so who did get to watch? What areas?

I'm in London, Ont, and I saw nothing.

i was in regina i saw it all.

I'm hearing reports that those in Regina and maybe Saskatoon got to see the conclusion of the game. I don't know about Edmonton though; however, everyone else in the country got to experience CBC's 2007 version of "The Heidi Bowl." :roll:

Zero for here in the GTA.

Good riddence to the CBC.

Saskatoon here, & I saw the game :slight_smile:

looks good. Works for me :thup: :cowboy:

now if we could just make a master hater out of you :twisted:

How did Comcast SportsNet (West) and Altitude handle the sudden loss? Did they switch to alternate programming? I didn't record the game last night.

LMAO, kinda ironic isn't it? The whole country ended up getting blacked out, except for the local area that was supposed to be. A bizzare night to be sure.

I was able to see the whole thing.... but then, I was at Taylor Field =) BEST GAME EVER!!!!!

Go Riders!!

A good girl never tells her vixen secrets, FYB..... 8)

hmmm, how did this other girl get into the conversation?? :twisted:

I am both....an enigma, if you will..... 8)

I have no idea if this would even be possible, but I was just remembering about 33 yrs ago. I took the CN passenger train from vancouver through edmonton to toronto. When I got on the coach, there was another guy the same age and we spent the trip hanging together. At some point we pickup these 3 sisters going to Bigger Sask. They wanted us to get off and come to a party at their house as their parents were still away, but for some dumb reason, we declined, sigh Wouldnt it be a kick and a half if you were one of them. Dont expect so, but I have had such coincedences before.

It is simple relatively, local CBC stations Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, all have pre-set programming, and at night they send the staff home. I mean lets be realistic here, TSN does the same thing.

The game was on the network that is the reason why you were able to pick it up on the internet. Which originates in Toronto. However, they didn't have local staff on hand to switch back to the football game.

Hey stuff happens, if you want to blame anyone blame God.

Sure we can't blame the network for the storm which blew the coverage.
I don't know about you, but after loosing the signal and other then the nonsensical standard line that scrools across the screen of technical difficulties, no one nor any proper reporting across the same screen was ever produced.
We the viewers were in the dark with no status reports. Period.

I disagree....The CBC is not bailing, they were cut out of the bidding....The CFL would not even allow them to bid on a new contract.

Now they are expected to bend over backwards to show the game?

Those who wanted to watch the movie can say that you can watch it for free on broadband

Considering I only turned 33 this past year, I would be skeptical that one of them may have been me..... :lol: