CBC - Riders/Esks game

Yeah. They had time, but thought that "The Good Theif" some b movie from 5 years ago with Nick "nobody cares" Nolte was going to get more viewers than a live CFL game. Not to mention a riders game! What idiots.

???? Not sure what you're talking about. I watched the whole thing. Yeah, they broke away and put on the Nick Nolte movie, but there was a power outage at Mosaic stadium, what do you expect? But as soon as the game was about to be restarted, they switched back and didn't miss a thing.

They did not switch back for everyone for some reason. Did not do so here in Delta BC.

However, they did have it on internet at http://www.cbc.ca/video/popup_slp_gameA … k_08_18cbc.

Who knows why they didnt just put in on tv across the board.

OTOH. If I am not a football fan, and I am wanting to watch the movie at a time when the game should long have been over, and if after starting to watch the movie, they had then went back to football, I would have howled louder than any football fan is now.

that loser who prefers the movie can always spend $2 and RENT IT.

lets be honest; if it was a leafs game, they WOULDA went back to it.

yeah, well, if it had been baseball or basketball, then I am that loser, so watch it bub 8)

Get this.....

Mr. jm02 is in Saskatoon this weekend, and was able to watch the ENTIRE continuation of the game. I'm at home, less than an hour and a half away, and got nothing on my television at all.....apparently it came back on here with about six minutes to go, but by that time I'd already quit looking to see if it was on again.....

Actually, after the game ended, they went back to the movie. So everyone was happy!

Sounds like a technical difficulty that CBC is not at fault for after all and people, as usual, just jumping at all kinds of conclusions.

Local feed worked, so they went with it.
Satilite didnt, so they couldnt.

Anybody outside the local area get the rest of the game???

why havent you filled in your location in your profile? What are you hiding??

cause apparently very few of you got to be tv happy.

Why would the local feed work in Saskatoon right at the initial resumption of the game, and not in Prince Albert until halfway through the quarter? Not trying to be a bag....I really don't know.....lol

Not knowing my sask geography that well, I can only assume that PA is outside local feed and that it took that much longer to get any kind of satalite feed working

But then again, what the hell do I know about it.

hmmmm.....I'm not sure exactly what immediate area the local feed covers, but that's a plausible explanation.....

Do I need to update my sig for you, FYB? 8)

Let's put it this way, when a flash of lightning appeared on TV, I could hear the thunder 2 or 3 seconds before it could be heard on TV.

Well, I got to see how the movie ended, so I was able to go to bed happy last night. :roll:

exactly. Which is why you got it and very few others did. Double Good thing for you blackout was lifted. :thup:

I could live with it :lol:

I waited an hour till 1:30 am and gave up;
I am not sure but did anyone else living in the Toronto region get the feed back?

The last hour the of the game is on at midnight local times tonight- which means I still wont get to see it, because I will be at work. I could record it, but knowing the outcome of the game, seems like a moot point.

Done. 8)

...you got it right sambo....the weather zapped the game...but a poor effort on CBC's part to restore it ... that was pathetic....Everyone knows they're bailing next year...and the CFL is ...lets just say....low priority....NOW ...if this was an NHL game being interrupted ..the powers that be in the CBC would be doing everything it could to get it back up and running ...including getting Cherry and McClean to do incantations...and weather dances of sorts...i guess our football league doesn't count anymore....sad..... :cry: