CBC - Riders/Esks game

Did the game not come back on in anyone else's region. In Fort McMurray the cbc stuck with Nick Nolte over the football game.

I finally found the internet feed on cbc and had been listening to the game on internet radio, but was quite ticked cbc dropped the rest of the game for some movie.

I'm in the same boat, except I'm in Québec. I was equally peaved. Did the same as you, listened to it on internet radio. In the post-game show, one caller says he's also peaved, next caller says "What is he talking about? CBC didn't miss a play". Time for an e-mail to CBC, me thinks.

....did the same here in Calgary...

...it may be that when that last bolt hit the way the screen pixelized and the super static sound that something got blown in the CBC feed truck...

No I heard in some regions the game was put back on cbc and others weren't (like legalbeagle stated).

The internet feed wasn't working for me until I switched to internet explorer (from mozilla)

...hmmm, then fishyness is afoot...

afoot indeed

...maybe local feed was able to be restored but satelite feed was no longer available?...the local blackout had been lifted...

i too, couldn't find it on CBC so listened to the last 5 mins on edmonton radio online.


I did not get the game back in southern Alberta. I have just emailed CFL.ca to express my dissapointment that they have entered into a contract with CBC to show games, especially the Grey Cup. I have also emailed CBC to ask what happened.

I asked to know from CFL if CBC violated the contract and I asked to know from CBC why they didn't have the decency to at least tell us there was not technical difficulties and they were choosing to stay with the movie. I also asked them if that was the priority level they put on the game, if they would consider transferring the rest of their contract to TSN who would treat the CFL games with more respect.

that may be it

What a rip, I had raced home in anticipation of catching the 4th quarter and........no game :cry: on CBC Winnipeg.

Is it April 1???

They restart the game for "Canada's" team
and DONT restart the feed. You could barely
get any info from our supposed National sports

Thanks for nothing guys, oh and nice win Sask,
I think, unless Edmonton went home before

I guess the CBC just decided that since they are no longer showing games next year, we will screw over the fans this year. Its likely that a lot of Torontonians went to bed so they thought it was no longer worth it to show the game, so they stuck with the movie instead. I had to work, and did not see the rest of the game. IMO, what the CBC should is show the game today, in its ENTIRETY.

so the CBC is showing the final hour of the game at MIDNITE??....i gotta work in the morning and cant watch that.


Oh well, I guess we will just have to see highlights of the game, LOL

After they likely got a lot of criticism, they have decided to air the last hour of the game.

It is too late CBC. You showed your priority last night with the airing of a Nick Nolte 20th century movie. If I had an emoticon of a golf clap right now, I would insert it here.

By the Way, we have heard who didn't see the game, who did?

Friggin CBC. How many people in Canada were more interested in watching Nick Nolte than a live CFL game. Thanks to them I had to listen to Brian Hall for the last hour, and he's annoying as hell.

CBC: :thdn:

The thing that is getting me now is that they are saying "due to inclement weather". While true, the real reason they did not show the end of the game is because they decided not to.

Yeah same thing happend in alberta. I have satalite and cable and couldn't see a thing. Instead I had to listen to Brian Hall. That's not fun! :lol: