CBC report from 1982 on CFL b-casts is the U.S.

[url=http://archives.cbc.ca/sports/business_sports/clips/9208/]http://archives.cbc.ca/sports/business_ ... lips/9208/[/url]

Interesting, thanks for the post.

People haven't changed much. Still the 'if it ain't American, it's ####.' attitude.

There's only two reasons why anyone would want to play in the NFL over the CFL.

Fame and money.

I think Canadians don't put so much value on a person's fame and having such a small population means the money just isn't there.

Does that mean the quality is any more or less? Not necessarily.


Most of them were too drunk to notice a difference. I agree if it aint American it is no good attitude.

True. perhaps the pub isn't the best place to gauge...anything. :wink:

This reporter (Tom Alderman) did a bunch of anti-CFL reports around this time. Which was kinda' weird seeing as how CBC and CTV were always competing against each other for viewers!

Have a look at the goof! He was obviously suffering from a bad case of mic-envy while working around the guys from NBC! Only the CBC would hire a crazed-looking guy like that for on-camera work!

Some things never change!

Ask yourself: if I was dropping my kids at a Wolf Cub meeting and Tom Alderman was the Scout leader... would I take the kids to Dairy Queen instead?

The ol' run and shoot! 8)

Americans have always been cought up in the hype of the NFL which far excedes the product on the field. This will never change.

It was also the Bubba and Skeeter factor, now well known in the Nascar side.

Having quite a few American friends, I concur completely.
I love their passion for football but sometimes it's baseless.
Makes me think that they really don't know much about football.

Reminds me of a line I heard.
In Hollywood there are movie stars and actors.
For example: Adam Sandler and Johnny Depp

So what am I? A football fan or a football guru??

I'm aiming for guru. Has a nice ring to it.

I'm a Football Guru!


What was up with Tom Alderman? Guy looked like he was permanently surprised. :lol:

Interesting video, though. I wonder what the ratings were.

It was during this strike that many got their first real look at Warren Moon as a pro, when Edmonton blew out Hamilton (Moon threw a TD to Brian Kelly on the first play of the game) before 60k fans at Commonwealth Stadium.

Such a shame that they only got to see second-rate, bush league players. Never mind that Moon went on to become a Hall of Famer in both leagues.

It just goes to show that most fans know diddly squat about the talent on the field, and certainly don't know great talent when they see it. It also shows the power of TV marketing when most fans have taken the NFL bait hook, line and sinker.

IF this was done today I wonder if the reaction would be the same, things aren't what they were in the 80's. There are alot of people who don't like big corperate entities and would be turned on by an Indie league as with music and so many other things. People then didn't view Macdonalds and Nike as the evil monsters they do today so that could effect what people say about the league and people now know about the Moon's and the Fluties so that might change things aswell.