CBC panel on Jiminez

Benefield and Gass both say that Jiminez's suspension should be at least one full season. Frers said it should be lengthy, but didnt say how many games he should get, so do you agree?

i couldnt understand what he did in that very blurry video.

so i cant have an educated say.

I interpreted the "season" comment to mean the remainder of this season...

thats what i took from it too, JM.
altho, friedman said some of next year too.

Yea I agree that they weren't meaning a full season, more the remainder of this one. Id consider a 3 strike rule for repeat offenders and start getting these guys on the books. After 3 offences, players have proven their disregard for the rules of the game.


I think they meant the rest of this season, but I would be in favour of a longer suspension.

can we have a link?

I personally am ashamed of lions brass and any fan who defends this jerk. Get him off the team. Almost as bad and when canucks and fans supported Todd. What the hell is it about this city anyhow that draws these losers?

A link? It was on the CBC pre-game show...if it's available anywhere, it'll be on the CBC website.

Daved Benefield is the only one on that panel who knows what their talking about. Frers most of the time does too.

If Friedman is not on the panel, the pre-game and half-time show would be a lot more watchable. Hopefully Montreal wins, to show him that they can win. I don't think he has picked Montreal or gave them credit, once this season.

Back to the topic, I didn't see the play. But from what I can tell, it was a intent to injure, and he succeeded not only to hurt him, but end his career.

I agree with A.J. Suspend him for the playoffs, and for the entire 2008 season.

Missed the footage too. Broadband is like watching a freakin' slide show. But at least the audio isn't tinny.

Can't wait to see the Jimenez press conference later this year. What were you thinking. Brutal.

Had the pregame on, but must've missed that.


FTR, I didn't see the Jimenez thing, so can't comment on it. But, if indeed it's what it appears, then I say get him out of here. There's no room for this and we don't need it in the game.

I supported Bertuzzi though and have no regrets re that one. But this is a football forum, so don't even get me started on that one.

Hope ya guys are right. It should be a lenghtly suspension. BC coach, if he were to use his kahonies, would cut him from the team immediately.

I thought I heard Benefield and Gass say the suspension should be for one season, but I could have misinterpreted what they actually meant. I know Friedman said it should be for the playoffs and into next season.

If he even sits out one game it will cost BC in protection of their quarterback and that is the unfortunate part of this situation. Jimenez may have put Dave's career in bigger jeopardy then he realized.

If Dave starts next weekend, but I have a feeling that Jackson will start, with Pierce as the back-up.

Unless Fred Perry repeatedly blitzes the BC bench I believe Dave Dickenson is safe. I know that we all follow our teams and don't always pay enough attention to the opposition. By the way the starting QB for the Lions is a guy named Jarius Jackson. The Lion's will beat the Riders with him at the helm avoiding the rush of Bobby Jurisen and outplay the Rider's starter Tom Burgess. At least I keep up with the League.

While I think Jarious will start, he will likely be on a short lease. I suspect Dave is healther then Bucky and would go in before him.

But then again, maybe Jarious will play the whole game. The O line didn't look good last week with Murphy out. With Jimenez out, it could spell big problems.

I took me along time to be sold on Jackson but at this time he gives them the best chance to win. He is stronger and can play a much more vertical game than Dave or Buck. The team has is back as well. I think Rider fans should worry about their own injuries if they are to run with the Lions.

Finally a BC fan who speaks out against Goons rather than defend them just because they are on there team…

Should be an eye for an eye… IF he ended another players career he should be banned lifetime